Friday, 28 August 2009

the delphos dress

Thanks to a dear friend of mine, yesterday's present was "The Fashion Book" by Phaidon publications which is an A-Z guide to 500 designers,photographers,models and everyone else who symbolize a whole fashion movement. As 500 designers are too much to be read in one day, i decided that each day i'll play a little game. I'll open randomly the book and learn about the designer of that page. First day today and have to say i was impressed with my finding!
Mariano Fortuny and his "delphos dress".
The gown was based on the pleated linen chitons worn by Greek maidens 2500 years ago and seen on Delphic Greek sculpture.
Fortuny used a thin silk satin more finely pleated than anything ever seen in costume. His famous hand-pleating method has never been successfully duplicated. The resulting garment was incredibly soft and liquid, molding to the curves of the body.
The feather-weight dress was weighted on the shoulders and sides with strings of striated Venetian glass beads. Since the Delphos emphasized the female form of movement, it was popular among actresses and dancers such as Isadora Duncan.
Although known today primarily as a textile designer, Fortuny was also a painter, etcher, sculptor, photographer, lighting engineer, set designer, theatre director, inventor and architect. In the field of design, he personified the Renaissance man who could do it all.
Last May Natalia Vodianova wore a Delphos dress at the MET Costume Institute Gala as you've seen also in this post! Sadly as i have mentioned again, it was ruined at the after-party! too bad now that we know the history and value of that dress!

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Thursday, 27 August 2009

myrto stamou

This is probably old news for some of you, but as i was quite busy trying to take my economic's degree during June, i missed this great new..and now i'm excited!
Myrto Stamou is Greek! She is 24 years old and was born and grown up in the city of Arta. She has studied fashion design at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) and was this year's winner of the Graduate Fashion Week 2009 that hosted in general 300 competitors. She was awarded £20,000 after impressing the judging panel – made up of designers Matthew Williamson and Giles Deacon, Elle magazine editor Lorraine Candy, and River Island CEO Richard Bradbury – with her collection. The most amazing thing about her is that she couldn't believe that she was awarded as...
"Usually quite outrageous designs have been known to win. My collection tried to be creative but the garments were designed to be very wearable."

You can watch Myrto Stamou's video at BBC after the award taking here


Wednesday, 26 August 2009

that suit suits you

Chloe Sevigny's new collection for Opening Ceremony proposes styles equal for men and women. Seems like a fun project but i'm not sure i would go with that look...well, maybe try it once!


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Stella Im Hultberg

"Stella Im Hultberg’s paintings are conceived in varying combinations of ink, watercolor, and oils on paper, wood and canvas. Her portraits of women are rendered in easy, flowing lines with soft hues that transcend the typical critiques of feminine beauty, inherent in today’s self conscious society.

Hultberg originally studied Industrial Design at CSU, which naturally segued into work as a toy designer early on in her career. Work in the design industry serendipitously led to her building on her natural talents as an artist and a career as a self-taught painter soon followed. Having grown up in Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan, she has a diverse blend of cultural influences to pull from.

some years ago i came across an image similar to the above and immediately saved it on my computer, till now i didn't happen to know the name of the artist and it was today that i rediscovered the images of Stella along with her bio notes! All the girls have a certain moody expression but for some reason i stare at each picture for more than a minute!
check Stella Im Hultberg page here

source: cyanatrendland,

Friday, 21 August 2009

each and every trip

so this was the dress that during the holidays became my second skin! Cyclades are known for the windy weather and so the long sleeves made it perfect to wear all day long.
also, sweet C. from Fashion Paths has tagged me some time ago and now i find the time and space to write the 10 things that you most probably don't know about me!
fellow fash bloggers have already taken the challenge and it seems like there are no more girls to tag! so, I'll only tag Giorgia from StyleForStyle for the time being!

1.I'm left handed and an only child. (if left handed people are known to be creative, imagine how creative an only child can be when there are no other sisters-brothers around to play with!)

2.I love love loooove travelling. From a very young age i wanted to move abroad. last year i managed to get an Erasmus scholarship and live for half a year in Milan. Despite that, i have traveled in many places around Europe and my most recent trip was in Cuba! Next dream destinations are Amsterdam and New York.

3.I have never heard the term before, but Alecca Rox was enlightening enough! I'm a flexitarian. For those who still don't know the term, that means that I'm a vegetarian who occasionally eats meat.

4.I'm a hi-tech freak. I love my laptop, my brand new notebook, and at times i find life too boring without Internet!

5.I have studied economics despite the fact that my first university choice was architecture. Although i find economics a very boring subject, i think that advertising may be a job that could suit me. At least the creative part of advertising.

6.From a very young age i draw. In fact at the age of 6, Rodi magazine (a magazine that shut down after some years) had published a picture that i had designed. Some years later, i went at Hellenic Children's' Museum where a then famous painter wanted to teach us his tecnics and after the class ended he asked me if i could give him my painting so that they would hang it on the walls of the museum. I was too stubborn to give my "creation" away! Now many years later i regret that choice.

7.I am a Harry Potter-the books- fan! My favourite is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban which i have read more that 5 times! I have bought the last three books in English as i couldn't wait 5 months for the translation in Greek and i finished the last book in just one night!

8.Melina Merkouri and Audrey Hepburn are two women that i would love to meet in person.

9.I'm an American-teen-movie lover! in my all-time favourite movies list are she's all that, how to lose a guy in 10 days and 10 things i hate about you.

10.I listen to music depending on the mood, but singers-bands that always are in my i-pod are Coldplay,James, Norah Jones and Jack Johnson.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

back from holidays!

after about a month of holidays i finally returned! sorry for the lack of posting, from now on everything will go back to normal!



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