Saturday, 30 May 2009

u just need a chair

..and a ladder! dress up in your Marc Jacobs S/S 09, go to the countryside and the photo shoot is ready!!

source: modelcouture

all those yesterdays

can you believe that this pic of Chloe was taken in 1992? seems like yesterday! only the much longer hair make the difference!
ooh...and maybe i'm the only one saying it but i truly believe that Chloe would be ideal for doing Carrie Bradshaw in her early years in NYC! if a movie like that was ever to be made!

Thursday, 28 May 2009


I can't even imagine why i never thought-knew that Charlotte Gainsbourg and Loo Doillon are sisters! They both have this laid-back style that i so much can't say that they are beautiful (sorry girls!) nor ugly (little bit better?). the one thing that you can say for sure is that they have this french style and beauty that the whole world is envy of...It must run in the family i guess, because if Jane Birkin is your mother, style must be the second word you say after da-daa! and this is one interesting family portrait for sure!


Monday, 25 May 2009

don't forget

some days ago a huge envelope arrived home! when i opened it, i was pleased to find out that i was been sent the t shirt you see me wearing above with the message "don't forget". For more than a week now, you could and-still can- see the message "be an ally" under my header! now it's time to explain everything!

Fashion targets breast cancer began in 1994 as the U.S fashion industry's response to breast cancer. Inspired by Ralph Lauren in memory of his late friend Nina Hyde, The Washington Post columnist who died of breast cancer, the campaign became an ongoing initiative of the CFDA Foundations-the philanthropic division of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

Fashion targets breast cancer Hellas joined the global trend in June 2001!
This year at 26th of June, all women will wear their target t-shirts and declare for one more time a future without the fear of breast cancer. What all you can do, is not only wear the t-shirt at the 26th but also make orders now for your friends,family and colleges. with orders of more than 10 tshirts you get the chance to receive target gifts. After you receive the t-shirts you can gather up for a photograph of you and your friends wearing the target tee's and by sending that pic to, your pic will be shown at the site! You can enter the site for further info! Exciting isn't it?

Greek fashion bloggers support the cause and with the photo above I'm showing you 2 ways i chose to wear the t-shirt!

(trivia fact:except the 3 target pics, all other pics shown hanging on the wall are actually hanging on my bedroom wall),

Sunday, 24 May 2009

the Lily kiss

just came back from an amazing weekend trip by the sea! one big kiss to everybody out there and especially AleccaRox who made my night, awarding my blog as lovely! stay in tune, tomorrow I'm going to explain more about the "be an ally" banner you saw under my header all this past week!

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make room for the crow

i usually don't like to repost anything KnightCat posts as i know that everybody checks her blog and it doesn't feel right seeing something for the second time! this photo shoot whatsoever was so amazing that i simply couldn't not post it! I'm in love when i see a photograph mixed with illustration! the artwork is by Kelly Smith.


Friday, 22 May 2009

i heart glamour

just realised that this is my first outfit post! no i haven't changed the theme of this blog. it still is news-photo shoots-based! it's just that some days ago i saw on glamour magazine's twitter, editor-in-chief Polina Sarri wearing an "i love glamour" t-shirt that i immediately loved! that same day while talking on the phone with AleccaRox i told her that i thought it would be nice if all we bloggers that were featured in Amalia's Agathou article "fashion bloggers gr", wore the t-shirts and took pictures of ourselves!
2-3 days later, Amalia herself mailed me telling me the exact same thing! you can now see that with a project like that i was more than pleased to grab the camera and while enjoying the sun take some pictures of myself wearing the tee!!!
you can all do the same, Amalia told me that in Glamour's next issue, they are thinking of posting pictures of readers wearing the tshirt!

and yes it's true...i heart glamour!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

24 hour party people

I'm officially exhausted. i haven't slept for more than 24 hours in a row and it's like i'm freakishly busy these days with projects i'm preparing for the blog, essays for the uni and last minute jobs!
can't hold my eyes any longer, i'll post a decent post soon!
till then enjoy the image above! oooh, and you know what they say ... girls just wanna have fun!


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Glamour Magazine

so it was time you saw my face!!! (although i have to admit that the photo here is not so representative! blame my stressed-shy-open mouth trying to smile!!)
I've been featured among 4 other amazing Greek co-bloggers in Glamour magazine's June issue that hit the stands today! Co-bloggers are Alecca Rox, Lopi from Fashion Architect, Aris and Alkisti of Streetgeist and Queen B.

Yesterday night I was in total shock when i opened the magazine and saw my name printed in page 100 of Glamour! Amalia Agathou did an amazing job and i cannot describe how thrilled i am for giving me the opportunity to talk a little bit more about the fashion blogging scene and of course soho symposium!
The interview is in Greek and i would recommend that all you Greek-speaking ladies and gentlemen go and buy the magazine as you will learn a bit more about us fashion bloggers.
For the non-Greek speakers these are some parts of my interview:

-after the short-course in fashion design i did in Central Saint Martin's at 2004, i followed mainly British blogs such as Sussie's Bubble one. Soho Symposium started after my need to share with other people interested, news, photos and videos that i found daily and inspired me.
-Internationally fashion bloggers have succeeded in being recognised for their talent. Examples are the Sartorialist that photographed the DKNY Jeans campaign, Sussie Bubble that has become an editor for Dazed&Confused digital and Spanish amlul Gala Gonzalez that now among other things poses as a model!
-From the spring-summer 2009 collections i liked the high-waisted shorts of Chloe, the longer boyfriend jackets of Stella McCartney, the African look that Marc Jacobs has created for Louis Vuitton and the complete collection of Phillip Lim.

thank you Glamour!!!

Monday, 18 May 2009

god save the queen anna

christopher lee sauve did these cool t-shirts of anna wintour some time ago with the message "save anna" but as i respect her so much i didn't want the message to be seen and i created this collage!!!(nevertheless you can check the tee's here they are so much fun, i would definitely wear one)
i remembered these photos today as i was watching her recent interview to CBS channel! check it out here, it's really interesting!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

indian summer

Daria Werbowy -in Donna Karan- was lucky enough to travel to india for the "indian summer" photoshoot that is featured in Vogue UK, June 09. Love the look.


Chanel Paris-Moscou PreFall 2009

if only i could be there..

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Kostas Murkudis part II

some days ago, I've made a post about Kostas Murkudis fall collection that really inspired me (here). i was so sad to find out that the photos used in his homepage were nowhere else to be found..i liked the photo shoot so much that i HAD to send Kostas a mail that same night! Thankfully he was kind enough to mail me back with the photos requested attached!

For your viewing pleasure only - (a big thank you to mr kostas murkudis)

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sunday, 10 May 2009

no place like home

erin wasson is the model of the month. for vogue nippon june 09 and for the rest of the world.

source: tfs

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Friday, 8 May 2009


Attrativo is one of the greek clothing brands that i'm really proud of! A.L.E. is the Attrativo limited edition of clothes and the campaign "Love is in the air" is really nice!


the photo and the geek

after the photo shoot was over, sadly life went back to normal again and yesterday i felt quite the geek as i had to study hard for a test i was having at the university... Believe me if i could, instead of writing what a country must do to reduce the equivalence or the interest-rates, i would write a whole essay trying to explain why oooh why Matthew Williamson chose to appear rising from a meteor crater, saying, "Well I haven't done it all . . . yet." in his new H&M ad!!

sources:tfs, fashionologie

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Glamour Magazine interview

Some days ago, i got a mail from Amalia Agathou-Glamour magazine's editor, asking me to participate in the article she is doing on the Greek fashion blog scene! I was so honored to be one of the 5 blogger featured! She email me the questions and yesterday was the big day of the photo shoot which i must confess is a quite awkward experience in the beginning if you are not the Gisele-Naomi-Kate Moss type of girl! Luckily our photographer Lefteris made me relax, smile more and show some "teeth" !!
In the photo you see me on the right,Amalia Agathou and Alecca Rox on the left. After the photo shoot we headed upstairs to the Glamour offices and then for a coffee and an interesting chat on blogs and fashion!
Unfortunately Lopi from Fashion Architect, Queen B and Streetgeist Aris and Alcistis were already gone but you will be able to see us all on the June issue of Glamour!


Paris part 1 from The Facehunter Show on Vimeo.

in the first half of the video you can watch garance dore, the sartorialist, jak and jill, altamiranyc and stylesightings having a little chat with the facehunter!! if you haven't checked their sites yet, it's a must. they are the best of their kind!

the afterlife of the party pt II

...and because there was not only one post-met party,mary-kate olsen was seen at the Rodarte Met Ball after party at the SubMercer.

sources: olsen-files,

the afterlife of the party pt I

For some the MET Costume Institute Gala is the event of the year. Yesterday was the 2009 event and today everyone keeps on posting about the outfits, who was there,who wasn't, Madonna's bunny ears and Gisele's pregnant-or-not belly! For me the sweetest moment was Natalia Vodianova's snapshot from the post-met party at bungalow 8 where her dress got ruined by a drunken man! She is sad-faced because the dress was a gift from her husband seven years ago!

sources:, fashionista, modelcouture

Sunday, 3 May 2009


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