Sunday, 30 May 2010

We are not in Kansas anymore

This week was hectic-one way or another- so excuse my only one post! Despite the hectic-ness (!) I managed to watch SATC2 not once but TWICE thanks to two different events held in town! By now I'm telling you I can actually remember not only the Halston dresses, the important scenes, the camels, the shoes but also THE LINES!

Today 2 days after the last screening, I must confess that SATC2 was not as good as the first one, but, humor-related it was much better! I only miss the era where the girls strolled around NY and I would prefer it if the movie was only about that and not about any Abu-Dhabi-Doo's!

Friday afternoon was the second screening that was actually held only for fashion bloggers! I was quite happy to see again some fellow partners in crime and have a nice chat-and drink- with them before and after the movie ended! The USB-stick full on sparkles was the little gift we took on the way home, so thank you VALUECOM !!!

Chloe in the sky with Diamonds and FFFfashion mixXX were the only ones to capture some pics of all of us after the movie ended, so take a look and excuse my tired face !!!

first pic source: wwd

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

In a Coco before Chanel mood

The originally 3-days off, turned out to be 5 days-off at the end! Not that I didn't go to work, but I was in a mood-and a need- for recharging batteries, searching for interesting things online (...but not blogging about them), taking long walks (and long freddo cappuccino's), sewing a new bag (...but not finishing it as the sewing machine broke...) and finally reading books!

The one that I must be the last one to be reading it, is the "Coco before Chanel" and I'm actually sad that it isn't accompanied by images of what is described in the pages of the book...That's why everytime I start reading it, I instantly open the laptop and start googling the periods of Coco's life mentioned!...Most of the times unsuccessfully but in one of those searches I found this animation that I really liked and that I turned into a collage in a moment of boredom!

collage made by pics found at: KainApophysis@Deviantart and NewYorker

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Stop Fake Campaign

If you're a loyal BoF reader, this is already old news for you! And that's exactly the reason why I'm not writing this post in order to inform you, but in order to tell you my thoughts!

Christian Louboutin recently launched a new site against counterfeiters, and its main reason is already described in the site's address! The new site-campaign is not only a message to the you's and me's around the world, it's not even a message to all those girls who use red color in order to paint the sole of their shoes the "Louboutin-like"way (don't give me that look, we both know that they exist!), it's actually a rather aggressive way to stop the selling of the fake stilettos around the world.

The campaign is accompanied by this video that may break your heart (oooh my gooood all those shoes are gooone) but if you actually sit down and think about it, all these shoes are fake, are not the real thing and maybe the result may seem the same, but only if you have a real pair of Loubies you'll know the real difference between those two pairs! This campaign actually takes it a step further by naming and shaming some fake Louboutin websites and lawsuits and raids are also clearly mentioned.

It's actually the first time that I see a well-known brand taking action against fakes in this way and that's what amazes me! I also read about what Louis Vuitton did some years ago and maybe the Murakami case pointed out the problem in a funnier way back then, but I think that right now, more severe ways of actions need to be taken and that's why I was so amazed by the new Christian Louboutin site.

...And may I add a last thing...what's the point of buying fakes anyway? They are surely the easy way to "show around" that cool and trendy bag, but doesn't it feel better to actually know that you worked hard months and months in order to reward yourself later, with that mesmerizing bag of yours?

source:,, source:

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I want news on my t-shirt!

Today, it was one of those days that I had this post on my mind ALL the time-that's how excited I got!

I recently discovered
t-post and I'm that excited with this project simply because it combines two things that I really love! Fashion and...reading! And that's what this is all about! You subscribe to the site and every 6 weeks you get some of the most interesting-and unconventional- news by post! Only that this time, the news are not stamped on paper but on...a T-SHIRT! .. A tee that is designed by some of the coolest visual artists meaning that you get the news in the best way possible! You...wear them! All the images you see here are from past issues with subjects like "Higher education", "The next explorer" or "The cosmos and our inner child"

Blogger L'armadio del delitto was the first blogger that I saw wearing the t-shirt but I'm sure many more will follow!!!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Art Athina!

Yesterday it was rather a long day! First it was the Valuecom Fall/Winter preview and then together with fellow bloggers we headed to the opening of Art Athina Fair! Last year I didn't have the chance to attend the exhibition but this year everyone said that it was even regrets!

What I really enjoyed was that lot's of people attended, with the majority of them being very well dressed (actually I felt like a little child that wants to absorb all the information around...clothes, paintings, shoes, installations, bags, performances..all at the same time!) As it was really crowded I couldn't take any proper pics so these are only four of the paintings that caught my eye!
Unfortunately I don't know the name of the artist who did the first art piece (you only see a close-up on the collage that I made using the Art Athina logo) but if I'm not completely wrong, it can be found at A1 stand! The second installation is by well-known artist Pavlos and the dress was simply amazingly created! You can also see the detail on the next pic! As for the last two sets of pictures, the first painting was by artist Vasmoulakis (I bet you already know him) and the last one is from critically acclaimed tattoo artist, Scott Campbell taken from the "Dollar Art" set! As Artemis of the Lab mag informed me, they were created by laser etching stacks of $1 bills! F%#^%ng awesome!

all photos taken and edited by me-if used please credit

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Female Desires at TAF

Yesterday night at TAF was the opening of the new installation-performance under the name "Female Desires"!

The Whitebox team and in particular the designers Anna Economou, Gaffer & Fluff, Jessica Josafat, Kika-Agathi, Marika Poulopoulou, Olga Mergou, Smaro Botsa, Stella Galanti and Fotini Kostouli, took the ground flours of TAF!

"Female Desires" explore the variety of expression of different types of women, through fashion design and the Whitebox designers showed in their own personal way (and their own personal TAF room) their female prototype! Retro, Sweet, Modern...and Funny...each designer had created a different and interesting prototype!

At the same time a performance took place and in the words of the TAF site presentation "the female prototypes shown within the rooms act and move in a way as to justify their uniqueness within the public space of taf." I've been told that the second performance will be possibly presented on Monday, but for more info contact directly Whitebox at 2103232343!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Hearts- the backstage

Lots of people asked me about "that cute dress" you saw at taxydromos article!..Well it's actually not a dress but...a playsuit and it's exactly how I wanted it to be, when last year I was totally obsessed with finding a cute playsuit!
During my trip to Barcelona last month, I couldn't skip a visit to Topshop and that's when this cutie became mine!...Happy you like it!

As for the pic, I totally love its retro feeling! Thanks Elena!

Monday, 10 May 2010


Everyone is complaining here in Athens about the one simple color that is missing from the city's color pallet....the green! Personally I believe that complaining is no longer the solution and that we need to get that garderer out of our system!
Plant flowers, give as a gift pots of flowers and let's all make our rooftops seem a little greener!

Of course you can always make that environmental statement in a less formal-more funny way! And that's why Sugar Line Productions are here for! The fake "grass bag" will be the bubble for your green thoughts!

photo taken by me, if used please credit

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Blog in fashion!

I'm really happy to tell you that "Taxydromos"magazine (you can find it inside NEA newspaper) has a 6-page article on the Greek Fashion Blog scene! A page-a blogger starting with Alecca Rox, Fashion Architect, moi, Elena Pakou and Chloe in the sky with diamonds!

Photoshoots and interviews may seem glamorous but as I also said at journalist Dimitris Papadopoulos, what makes me happier, is the fact that I get to see how each photographer and journalist works!
Each photographer has a very unique way of capturing your portrait and often you don't get to see who you really are in the final result, but who the photographer sees in you! That's why I'm always nervous while posing but at the end what I enjoy more is to see the work of the photographer!...Didn't know Spyros Staveris before our photoshoot, but I knew his work without even noticing it! Search his name in the artistic portraits of the Athenians in LiFO free press and you'll start discovering his work!
He must also be one of the last ones-definitely the first I ever saw- using a twin-lens reflex camera! That said...a true romanticist!
As for Dimitris Papadopoulos, he really got us talking! All together (except Alecca Rox who couldn't be with us) at Booze, it felt more of a talk among friends who shared their visions on the fashion world than just an interview! Oh and Spyros Staveris may have used a retro camera, Dimitris on the other hand recorded our interview using his I-Phone!!!!

Old meets new, fashion meets bloggers! Huge smile!

p.s.1 Read our interviews here! Unfortunately only the Greek readers will understand what is written, but as I'll be working on the backstage post, I'll try to make the translation of at least what I said!
p.s.2 Dimitris Papadopoulos has his own blog. I really enjoyed reading it so I suggest you to do the same! Find it here!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Lauren Moffatt

Talk about coolness no1: Can't decide on what makes me love this collection more...Is it the clothes..the photoshoot, the shoes...the hats...ALL OF THEM?

Talk about coolness no2: As mentioned on Nylon mag "Lauren Moffatt's first collection was sewn, by hand, on the sailboat where she lived" amazing? Although the current collection is not the first one, I was impressed with the info!


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

This is the...nude attack

Just realized that my computer is lately full of nude colored pics! Must be a new obsession or a right click automatic order! And for your information my last buy was a nude colored H&M tshirt, too. This is the nude attack! ; )

pic source: luisaviaroma,,,


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