Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Mimotica Micola love!

Some days ago while reading one of my- many-fashion books i discovered Mimotica Micola! A Barcelona-based brand that I immediately loved! Few hours later I was still looking at the site, the online shop and the blog (because there is one blog too!)
So here is is my Christmas/New Year's present for all of you! Raquel Micola was kind enough to answer all my questions (even the weird ones!)
and I promised to visit her new Barcelona store soon!

1.Describe yourself with three words!
Stubborn, girly, playful.

2.Is it true that you learned sewing from your grandmother that sew bullfighters' costumes?
Totally true! She is very good at sewing, as doing the bullfighter costumers is nearly an art. When I was a child, all thops beads and shiny threads look like treasures to me, that's why i payed atention! So I spend many many many hours with her learning how to sew. Now, she is 81 years old, she does not sew anymore, of course, and she is so happy to see the bags we do in the magazines and on TV!

3) At 2007 you were featured in the book "Young Fashion Designers" (Evergreen) and you had said that you would love to design shoes! Now, almost 3 years later you have achieved it! What's your next goal? A clothing line maybe?
Maybe, maybe.....the truth is that I alwasy have in mind new lines, my team has to stop me! You know the Mimótica is the science of pampering the client, of taking care of every single detail in each product. So I really love each of my models as my own child, I hate to do things in a bad way, I like to give my clients a product they will love and that means doing things step by step. So, of course i always want to do new lines (clothing, for sure! I love dresses and coats!) but I really need to do it step by step.

4) Your bags have a vintage and playful character! Among them, i discovered a redesigned Birkin bag! What does Birkin represent for you?
It is a key bag! Imagine! it is a bag designed in the 60's and still confortable nowadays! I mean things have changed a lot, women role has changed a lot and still we feel confortable with a birkin bag! that is amazing. For me means feminity.

5)Who is your icon of style and why?
mmmm....I have many, and I change quite often of style icon, but I really like Kate Bosworth. She is so elegant, naturally stylish. She alsways looks very nice dressed no matter what she wears, she is so calm, elegantly calm look.

6)In your site you say that you wear glasses when you design and by the pictures, i guess that you have a large collection! How many pairs do you own at the moment?
I love glasses! The funny thing is that I do not need glasses. But I like to wear them, cause it is another accessory for me. So, I do not want to resign to wear them just because my eyes do not need it!! Sound crazy i know, but for me they are just the same as a bag or a bracelet...
I think that right now I have 5 pairs of glasses. When I wear them it means i'm very busy with design, so the girls in the office know that when I'm wearing glasses I'm very concentrated and usually do not ask me many things ;)

7) 2010 is almost here! What are your wishes for the new year?!

Wishes for next year....mmmm...many but the most important is that we are planning to open the 1st Mimótica Micola store in Barcelona, so I hope that it goes well and that my clients continue liking my designs!

Visit Mimotica Micola here and buy the stuff online or even here...in Greece!!!!

Agia Paraskevi

Agiou Ioannou 18-20 - Agia Paraskevi 15243


Petite Boutique
Grammou 46 - Vrillissia Athens 15235

People people
21 Fokionos Negri Str.- Kipseli-Athens 11257


Kountouriotou 149-151- Peiraias Attikis 18535

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Bday Party!

Bloggers united once more! Yesterday, ermoumag had a party and as one of the editors, I was there, too! Fellow fash bloggers, Christiana, Thalia, Queen B and Nina came to wish us and we had the chance to catch up like the oooold times (we almost know each other for a year now and it's amazing how many things we have done all these months!)!
Before leaving, me and Nina found an empty room and here is our outfit post! Unluckily the other girls had already gone, but I'm telling you they were dressed to impress-as always!

photos borrowed from Las Ninas Y Los Ninos

Monday, 21 December 2009


partners in crime

Sunday afternoon, all together at Six D.O.G.S we swapped for one more time!!! Familiar faces, some new adds and ladies ready to grab their next beloved t-shirt were once again to be seen! One thing's for sure, home made sangria (Vivianna's secret recipy), loud music and the fashionable crown turned the Xmas Edition of Swap into a party!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

The MEET MARKET Xmas Edition!

psarokokkalo and matalou at home at the same stand!

migma (read their interview at 1015lab blog!)elissavet maurogeni earings! (myspace page)

sugarline productions and our beloved superkaterina!!! (myspace page)
irini spinou from irini and eugenia stand!
Lila Ruby King colorful birds! (webpage)

I'm one-happy-blogger! My Saturday was more than rewarding! I shopped-shopped-shopped and i rushed from bazaar to bazaar!!!
The MEET MARKET organized monthly in a different spot around town, this time is held on Technopolis, Gazi! And just because it's Xmas, everyone (EVERYONE) took part in it!
So, as today is the last day, i thought i had to wake up earlier in order to make this post and FORSE you to go and visit! You'll have the chance to buy unique clothes and accessories for you and your friends (it's Cristmas time-pleazzzz forget about the economic crisis and all these excuses) and in prices more than welcome!

So, drink your morning coffee and go to the MEET MARKET (till midnight today)...
Then, as it's a sunny day and as you don't have any more money to spend, take a bag with CLEAN clothes that you don't need any more and go straight to Monastiraki and Avramiwtou str as fellow bloggers Thalia and Clemmie&Melroy are having their S.W.A.P party for one more time! You'll have the chance to renew your wardrome in ZERO cost this time

more info about the SWAP party here

Have to rush, another bazaar-swap,dinner party day is about to begin (and yes, my Sundays always start at 1 o'clock!)

Friday, 18 December 2009

Razzmatazz* All Day Bazaar!

From the moment i discovered Razzmatazz, every time a friend of mine asks me where to find weird/interesting/one of a kind accessories I tell him one word: Razzmatazz!!!
It may sound like hokus pokus but in fact it's the only little shop around the centre of Athens that has a magical character!
That's why this time instead of showing you some of the jewelry that I saw (and bought) yesterday, i'm showing you pics of the store!
For the bazaar Sofia had vintage armchairs and old tv's just outside the shop! As a smoker herself she found a way to be LEGAL but also COOL!
Also inside the shop, you get to discover many more surprises! That is...spiderman pictures on the wall, amazing magnets on the lower part of the table and messages of love stuck on the central mirror!!!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Wizard of Oz at Lafayette

The current Wizard of Oz collection on display at Galeries Lafayette!!! Oh Lucky Dorothy, you get to have all these red shoe-wonders!!!!

all pictures taken from SnoBlak

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

TasteFull brooch!

Fellow 1015Lab blogger, was kind enough to leave me a comment on yesterday's post telling me that I forgot to mention something!
That "something" is the brooch above! TasteFull is no other than Vicky Koumantou, successful food blogger with a brand new site. A few days ago, while at ErmouMag office, Vicky told us all excited, that she was going to cook live on the television and that she needed our help for what to wear! We found her the shirt but as I found it really boring to promote her site wearing an apron with the TasteFull logo, I proposed to create a brooch instead!
The brooch, as Vicky told me, was quite successful! What i like the most is that Vicky was happy wearing it (important!) and as she told me she even "transformed" it into an award for all the people who helped her during the show (perfect!)!

You can see snapshots of the show along with a full article also at ermoumag page!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Gemma Degara

Gemma Degara is a Spanish designer that started her brand in 2003 in Barcelona. She is known for her 180 degrees clothes: clothes whom you could chose which side would be the front! Her A/W 2009-10 collection is called sleepless nights and as you can see the main color used is electric blue!
I'm officially obsessed with this collection! Love the color, the lines and the fact that you get to buy one cloth but then you can wear it in your way!
One word: Amazing!!!

visit Gemma Degara site here

source: colestyle.blogspot.com

Friday, 11 December 2009

Kostas Murkudis S/S 10

SoHo symposium has a certain love for the Greek Fashion designers who succeed abroad! One of them is Kostas Murkudis. You first saw him in this and this post. Now Kostas presents his Spring-Summer collection 2010 and once more I'm there to support him! The structure of his clothes always amaze me!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Wintour vs Gaga

I'm not going to explain the phenomenon Gaga. To be true, i still remember an episode of the Hills where Lauren Conrad takes her friends and go to a hip Californian club to watch "a new name": Lady Gaga! (Amazing how someone makes his/hers first appearance haa?)
Anyway. Most probably you've all watched Lady Gaga's latest video Bad Romance as numbers suggest that the video has been played on YouTube more than 30 million times! If you also follow some of our fashion blogs,you must have seen the frenzy that came right after the first screening of the video. Lady G. appears dressed in the latest Alexander McQueen and in numerous other creations of hip and brand new designers!
I'm not a fashion guru (yet), but in fashion matters i surely have a STRONG memory! And i have to tell you, when Alexander McQueen first presented his latest catwalk, there was a great number of people "begging" that Alexander had to be brave enough to NOT let Gaga touch any of his creations! So...what happened?!
As i read in numerous posts, Lady Gaga's role evolved as not only a new business model for the music industry, but for fashion as well!
Nicola Formichetti, Creative Director of Dazed & Confused and Fashion Director of Vogue Hommes Japan, takes all credits for the outfits worn by Gaga on the video! As BoF says, there has always been a strong connection between fashion, music and film but "Bad Romance" if cut in screenshots could be one of the finest and most extravagant fashion editorials ever!

So what i'm struggling to say is that Lady Gaga is going to play a major role in the fashion industry. Great designers give their creations willingly to her and she is appearing more and more extravagant (see this pic of Gaga greating the Queen Elizabeth II two days ago) If Anna Wintour of Vogue is known to be the Fashion Queen...Dazed and Confused and Nicola Formichetti are preparing their next-and more extravagant- weapon to rule the Fashion World!!!

And you are obliged to obey!
Rah rah ah-ah-ah!!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Pink is the new Black

One of the funniest fashion shoots ever, is the one i found some days ago on my computer! Unfortunately I don't remember the source, neither the photographer/magazine/etc! I just thought that it'd be nice to post it, just to make you smile! Also, if anyone knows more info-please tell me the story!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Creative Sunday

Taken inspiration from an old Chloe' coat image i found in the morning, i decided to start my first D.I.Y. project! Still unfinished and with many small imperfections, "cardigan" found it's new place in the dummy! Can't wait to finish it, and immediately wear it!

Happy rest of the weekend, guys!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

THEIA interview!

I told you something exciting was on the way here! So it's time to reveal all that secrecy! As part of the ermoumag team, i had the chance to interview THEIA!

I have to tell you...she is the sweetest!!! Entering her atelier was like entering Willy Wonka's factory! All the walls were painted in bright colors, clothes, sewing machines and fabrics were seen everywhere and on top of it all, little cherries were painted on the walls! One little thing you have to learn for me is that i have a sweet-tooth so when Theodora offered us chocolate treats from Kastoria, i appreciated her even more!

I found it extremely interesting how she started creating clothes! She has studied economics,too so for me, she was a true hero for deciding to change career and become a designer! I also found it amazing that she has so many ideas for how she would like to present her clothes! It would be amazing to see a fashion show in a central square for sure! Well, that's the king of things that i think that are missing from the Greek Fashion scene... Designers with a more modern vision that are actually interested in producing not only clothes but also IDEAS!

Ok, ok...enough! You now have to click the link and lose yourself in the sweet THEIA world!

all images courtesy of ermoumag.com

Monday, 30 November 2009

Maria Mastory

No words necessary for Maria Mastori. For the ones of you that follow this blog, you already know my love and appreciation for the Mastori-Motwary team! (see this and this)

So it was a few days ago, that "Fashion Paths" Christie informed me that she was going to pay a visit at the M/M atelier, and i couldn't resist from telling her to buy for me this piece of art! Luckily it wasn't sold out and after an hour it became mine forever!

Stay tuned as Maria Mastori is going to throw a Xmas bazaar really soon!

source: first photo courtesy of Filep Motwary

Sunday, 29 November 2009

my fair lady

Audrey Hepburn is one of the actresses i most admire! She had that effortless chicness and elegance i so love...On December the 8th, the Kerry Taylor Auctions House is auctioning some of the most known Hepburn dresses. Among them, numerous Givenchy pieces, as Audrey was the Givenchy muse for most of her years. 50% of the net proceeds will be donated to the Audrey Hepburn Childrens Fund.

You can see all the pieces auctioned here.

source: kerrytaylorauctions.com


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