Monday, 30 March 2009


So the day has come! tomorrow morning i'm off to Cuba! Spring finally seems to have come here in Athens but i'm in a summer mood right now! Floral Dresses check, sandals check, fedora hat check, sunscreen check!!!
i'm a summer person-don't blame me for being the happiest person right now!!

Finally yesterday was the last day of the Fashion week. I was at the NewComers show (Dimitri Zafiriou,Dimitris Petrou and DElight) and i was really impressed with all creations and most of all with the ones of Dimitris Petrou.
I had also the chance to say a few words with chloe from chloeinthesky and i have to say that she is a fashion sweetheart!

I'll be back in 10 days! xx's!


Saturday, 28 March 2009

Sophia by Filep Motwary


So Fashion Week for Fall-Winter 09 in Athens is rolling rolling rolling! Less designers-workshops- everything..but i am happy that it hasn't changed place. Technopolis-Gazi area, at least for me, is ideal. And as I'm mentioning ideal, there i saw the un-nouveau-ideal-Filep Motwary and Maria Mastori's new collection, presented in the form of a video performance shot by Janos Visnyovszki.
I'm in love with Filep's ideas and forms of clothing and i'm always anticipating to see his new designs. I am also quite grateful to him, as i had the chance to meet him and miss Mastori in person while preparing their last season show and actually being able to help them backstage during the show.
I must also say a little word about Janos Visnyovszki! He is from Hungary and you should check his vimeo page (here). He has a real talent and every film he does is better than his last one. He also won the second price at the Chevrolet competition before a month or so, so keep an eye on him!

(trivia: try and spot me at the "VIER FUCHSE VOR FUCHSBAU" video for the spring/summer collection 2009 at Jano's vimeo page)


Thursday, 26 March 2009

Smokes and dances in the dark

Kate Moss for Love Magazine #1 Spring/Summer 2009


Life in Plastic, is Fantastic

Agyness Deyn at the photoshoot for Plastic Dreams, the new magazine from plastic shoe label Melissa (who has collaborated with Vivienne Westwood and Zaha Hadid in the past)

source: hintmag

Dita Von Teese by Terry Richardson

The dress, the glasses, the red lipstic...

source: tfs

Dries Van Noten in india

aurora colors

book libretto june 2000

source: ru_glamour livejournal

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

the leopard part two

lately everything is leopard! from kate moss and emmanuelle alt's coats to the colorful leopard pants i'm seeing on editorials. i couldn't resist and i bought this leopard jacket from zara. pants also from zara.
(-if you use the collage please credit)

Monday, 23 March 2009

the missionary

this picture is so powerful that i could imagine a whole movie. taken from STYLE magazine - March 2008

source: fotodecadent

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Stella McCartney SS 09

in 9 days i'll be landing in cuba! i'm so excited that the only thing i'm thinking of these days, is the warm weather and lighter clothes i'll be wearing! the spring summer 09 Stella McCartney ads are helping me get in the mood!
oh, and did i mention that i'm in love with these shoes? too bad they cost half the price of the cuba trip! decisions decisions decisions..

source:the fashion spot

in marc jacobs words

source: nymag 2005

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Rodarte enters the marketing world..twice!

So the big mystery is solved. Everyone went applauding for the first ever Rodarte Spring 09 advertisement coming out and some even said that Rodarte is actually starting to take a more commercial path (picture in the right) possibly following Gareth Pugh who is said to be working on making his pieces more wearable recently and by presenting his latest collection on video instead of an actual show.

The times are difficult in the fashion world for sure but that doesn't have to mean that an advertisement is the beginning of the end for either Rodarte or anyone else who chooses to present their work in the wider public in the form of an advertisement or a video.

And while everyone became sceptical for the new Rodarte ad, it was revealed from Anthem magazine that the sping 09 ad is actually the second advertisement Rodarte presents! The first ever Rodarte advertisement with Karen Elson was featured in the magazine's Winter issue.

In the words of Anthem.."these dire economic times have helped smaller "baby" brands enter into the advertising world in ways they would've never dreamed of a few years back. Getting your company's logo slapped on a page of a publication is a privilege afforded to very few. That being said, we couldn't be happier to see the Rodarte gals in Anthem... and we can't wait to see them in the forthcoming Spring issue. "

sources:, fashionologie, fashionista

who is lissy trullie

Watch more imeem videos on AOL Video

so who is this
red-haired chick?
Rolling Stone magazine writes "When Courtney Love comments on a young rocker's MySpace page, it means one of two things: Either the girl owes Love money, or she's going to give Love a run for hers. New Yorker Lissy Trullie falls into the latter category. She might look like Agyness Deyn and play gigs at art galleries, but with a tomboy growl and Television–ish guitar hooks, her first EP brings enough attitude to put art stars in their place."
So the blessings of Courtney Love herself and Rolling Stone magazine must at least mean that Lissy Trullie has talent as far as music is involved. But the story doesn't stop there! Lissy seems to have a sweet tooth for fashion. And fashion world a sweet tooth for her, too! Lissy modeled for Chloe Sevigny's line for Opening Ceremony proving her modeling skills and also her and the band provided the music at Phillip Lim's Fall 09 show. You can watch the embed video and listen to the songs in order of playing:
“Money” “Boy Boy” "She Said” “Forget About It” “Kiss Them for Me” original song by Siouxie and the Banshees

It seems as if a new muse is emerging.. must definetely keep an eye on her!

sources: myspace,facebook,,

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Gareth Pugh autumn/winter 09

on the reasons why Gareth chose to do a video presentation instead of a show...

First and foremost was the fact I had just done this big menswear show in Paris four weeks before the women's show. At a time when everyone is worried about money, I didn't want to come over as being overly brash by doing two big shows.
I didn't think it was the right kind of mood. It was my first menswear show and it needed to be like a proper show and it was important for me to do that. For the womenswear it was more about taking it down to a different sort level, trying to take away the shine or varnish of a show. It was much more about being realistic about things. With shows, it's sometimes nice to get away from something that I'm used to.

on the ideas of the video and Natasha finally doing it...

I wanted it to be a black silhouette against a white backdrop. We really wanted to use someone who was a new face. Someone like Karlie Kloss and she did my last show and was really amazing. The problem with using a really young girl was that video is very different from catwalk and as the girl was coming from New York we didn't know beforehand what she could do. Natasha (Vojnovic) has done a lot of stuff with Nick Knight before and she's got a lot of videos behind her where she really demonstrates what she can do and we wanted someone who was very confident in front of the camera.
New girls who are good on the catwalk aren't necessarily going to be good on video. As soon as you press record they might know what to do. Natasha is very intuitive about understanding the movements that go with the clothes. What I said to her was that the idea was to be something like a flamenco dancer.(nothing referencing the clothes). Something that is very feminine and chic in the way they hold themselves but still very hard Elegant and haughty - it's that hard feminity that Natasha really embodies.

on the statement of this collection...

It was me trying to do something different. I was getting very bored with doing very tight on the top and big on the top, that inverted triangle thing. So I just turned it on its head and did something that was very solid in the base. You're working with that different kind of volume that opens up a lot of different things that you hadn't work with. It was quite interesting as it's not really my kind of thing. It's using that different element but to make it look like something that I did. Rather than being quite aggressive, it's quite attractive in a way - a different kind of hardness.

Gareth Pugh interviewed by Susie Bubble

source: dazed digital

the matching ladies

as i saw these matching dresses and poses at stylesightings, i couldn't stop myself from wondering how these dresses would look like, if they were put together!
rather interesting result don't you think?

source: stylesightings

the five marks


Friday, 13 March 2009

Diane is purple

Diane Von Fustenberg appears in the cover of Purple fashion # 11 s/s 2009 wearing Martin Margiela. She is amazing! I can actually imagine her waving that wig at Terry Richardson who did the photoshoot!
Jessica Stam in nude colours is like a fairy and Natasa Vojnovic (last picture) is wearing the Victor and Rolf dress i so much liked from the spring 09 collection.

source: the fashion spot

Thursday, 12 March 2009

the ballet fairies of yiapanis

love this editorial for Another magazine ss09...the styling is by Panos Yiapanis. Panos was born in 1975, he is from Cyprus and he has collaborations with some of the greatest fashion magazines. His personal style is grunge and it reflects on various editorials where he mixes layered clothes with doc martins. It is said that he is the personal stylist of Courtney Love. He has also styled Sofia Kokosalaki s/s 07 collection and Rick Owens f/w 0708 collection.

source: the fashion spot

Stockholm streets

i know it's a little bit confusing seeing one post about shorts and summer mood and then coats and rainy stockholm but fashion reality is like that. it's spring and we are in the middle of fall 09 fashion weeks!

ride a bike in white shorts

source: the cobrasnake

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

take a pencil and draw a muse

just found!
check Jonas Lofgren
work at


that coat

the leopard coat seems to be the perfect match for the all black look as seen on emmanuelle alt and kate moss

sources: garancedore, katemossonline

Drew for W

source: wmagazine

Sunday, 8 March 2009

the white couple

i think i have a thing for matching couples lately! or maybe it's not lately and it all started at the Jude-Sienna era. did it last week with the "if couples like these existed" post and now i'm doing it all over again!...only that this time the couple really exists! no photoshop used!


the Balmain girl

Same colour palet, different jacket and boots! is it ok that i prefer the first look more or will the second eventually grow on me?

source: the fashion spot,

Erin Wasson for Isabel Marant fall09

if effortless had a name would be the name of Erin. I saw the day before yesterday the new Gap advertisement she did (i can't find any proper pics yet) and it's amazing how she can easily trasform into casual, sexy, chic, formal, boho... anything! Here she wears Isabel Marant. Love the look.

source: the Fashion spot

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

elizabeth and james dress

I'm always layering my clothes. during winter and during summer it doesn't matter. so every time i see a piece of clothing already layered it's the first step before i want it,need it, love it...pity we don't have elizabeth and james and the row clothes here in greece.


how the heart beats

Why women love shoes is a mystery that will never be solved.

source: the selby

Monday, 2 March 2009

I <3 heimstone

Heimstone is a French brand that always keeps me satisfied. Alix Petit and Delphine Delafon met while working for Michel Klein. Their first collection was at 2006 with bathing suits. After that, their aim was to create a dress as practical as a pair of jeans... For me, their best thing is their jackets!!
(pics from A/W 2007, S/S 2008, A/W 2008.09)

source: HeimstoneMySpace

Sunday, 1 March 2009

you're the one

I can't stop watching it over and over again.

"Produced by award‐winning creative agencies, Blink Productions and Colonel Blimp, the video will capture the mood and inspirations of the designs worn by the Halston heroine Dree Hemmingway as she moves through the film’s interior world created by director Nez Khammel. Khammel sought to evoke the enduring Halston mystique
with vignettes styled to capture the associated glamour and decadence of a transient era.
" (taken from the Halston Press Release)

yesterday i dreamed of summer

source: sofia ericson

casual to chic

Sarah Rutson managed to mix brown and black. And then from chic she turned to casual. All in a successful way. She surely knows how it works.

sources: Altamira nyc, Stylesightings


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