Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Inside ice

"Based on the concurrent philosophies of early Zen and Greek theories that: “all is flux”, the mercurial aspect of ice conveys the inherent beauty of the ephemeral. Its ability to transform, crystallize and abstract reveals ice as a shape shifter which appears impenetrable one moment and precariously fragile the next."

Nicole Dextras-artist

source: www.nicoledextras.com

Monday, 30 August 2010

Karla Spetic

These days I'm mostly trying to catch up with all the blogs that I didn't have the time to read during the holidays. Despite the fact that my Google reader still has +1000 unread posts, I think that it will take me more than a month to have them all cleared out (!)...mainly because every time I read something, I pop up to another blog and that takes me to another blog...and oooh yes you know how this blog thing works!
So yesterday out of nowhere I discover the blog of artist Caitlin Shearer who is a rather inspirational illustrator and then as I endlessly strolled down I saw..THIS!

Caitlin has collaborated with Australian Fashion Designer Karla Spetic for the A/W 2010 collection for three pieces that are based on Caitlin's designs -I personally find them all amazing! As you can guess I had to take a look at the whole collection, too! The color palette is all about sweetness but the bright orange and black shades keep the interest alive! Another detail that I loved is that if you take a closer look at the first set of photos you actually see the same two-toned cardigan worn in two different ways ( reminder to give it a try when the weather actually allows me to wear a cardigan).

And I had to leave last, the grey dress as I absolutely fell in love with it!...Australian Fashion scene is more and more of my taste lately!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Fantasy comes along the end of Summer

I'm officially back! No more back and forth between Piraeus port and the islands and no more careless "pareu outfits"...
Well, no sad feelings, although the first two days at work were harder than ever- especially when I found myself reviewing all the Fall/Winter trends!!! Don't expect me to start talking about them though..the only thing I'm capable of doing right now is mix some of my summer pics (taken at three different islands) with the Prada Fall/Winter 2010 lookbook that I immediately loved!

Now I'm off to see the August full moon and eat some ice-cream!


photos courtesy of Prada and sohosymposium

Sunday, 8 August 2010


I'm back to Athens only for two days and I'm more than happy to leave again to the islands as the heat is unbearable!
These two photos were taken at a beach at Antiparos and the laziness of the outfit reflects the laziness of the moment! Well..when on vacation I cannot even think of stylish outfits, especially when on the beach! I just wear my bikini and my "pareo" and spend as more hours at the beach as I can!

That said, I googled the word pareo in search of other relevant words and I came across the wikipedia pāreu term! "The pāreu or pareo is the Cook Islands and Tahitian word for a wraparound skirt. The Tahitian pāreu are among the most colourful and bright of the Pacific. Originally flower patterns, the hibiscus flowers in particular, or traditional tapa patterns, were printed in bright colours on a cotton sheet. No pins, magnets or other means are used. Only when as dress worn around the neck or shoulders, ends are knotted together. "

A touch of Tahiti is never out of style I guess!


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