Saturday, 30 October 2010

It's a MARNI fantasy

I always like it when fashion is mixed with other elements- remember that Prada post I'd made when summer ended?! Some days ago I discovered a new video at the Marni official site and I immediately loved it! Pictures from a photo shoot were painted in a childish way and the final result was more than rewarding...well at least for me!

The screen shots above are taken from the video I'm talking about! I wish I could find more info on who was the creator and more about the concept, but despite all my googling nothing came up! If you know something more, please leave a comment!

source: marni

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Toi&Moi Tote bags- The Winners!

Thank God Research Randomizer exists and it makes it so much easier and faster to get random results!

The 10 Winners have already received the "winning email" so Congrats Girls!!! Hope that you'll love this bag as much as I do and please try to send me some images of you wearing it! I would love to make such a post on the blog!

Also, a big Thank You to all of you that sent me an email and participated at this first give-away! Your comments were a quick reminder of why I love so much what I'm doing despite being unmotivated or tired at times! You rock and you always make me smile! Enough said!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Close Up Magazine

Thessaloniki-based Close Up magazine of this month, has an 8-page article dedicated to the new era of fashion modeling! It's called "Super-Modelise It" and along the interesting article written by Stamatis Orfanoudis, you'll find a small interview of 3 models,3 fashion bloggers and 3 designers!

I'm really happy to be among the people interviewed as I appreciate each and every one of them in a very special and different way!!! The models Ismini Papavlassopoulou, Sofia Chrisohoidou and Vaso Kollida talked about the difficulties of being a model, me,Maria-Flora Papapanagiotou and Maria Papagrigoriou about the way we see models nowadays and designers Dimitris Petrou, Filep Motwary and Ioannis Dimitrousis about the way they get to choose models over castings that will represent their creations!

It's extremely interesting, so...GO and BUY it! Excited face! =)

Sunday, 24 October 2010

THEIA preview A/W 2011/12

Despite being sick, THEIA's catwalk was not to be missed! She hadn't presented a collection during the previous AXDW and I was expecting to see something new for a long time!

Corsets of course where there once again! THEIA without corsets would mean that something bad had happened in their long relationship! The show started with a small video, snowflakes and lace, women in front of their SINGER machines, and an old but yet so familiar feeling.... The clothes were more of costumes. Girls with pearls in their hair walked and posed like only a Disney princess would do with their dresses made of lace, velvet and tulle.

And now, you are possibly thinking what I was thinking during the show..."Would I dare to wear them?" I always ask myself that question after a catwalk show and after this in particular I was more purplexed than usual... I had to edit the photos and see them one after the other in this post, to decide! And while at the beginning my answer would be more of a "no" I then remembered all those girls that came yesterday at the show wearing their THEIA handmade corsets with their parka coat and jeans! And I remembered the obvious! You have to wear your clothes and not the opposite! So yes.. I would wear a dolly-fairytale THEIA dress but I would dare to wear my leather jacket on top! Mix'n'match was always my thing after all!

Thursday, 21 October 2010


La.Trap is a small shop that opened some months ago at Mets. The girls that have it are both talented and you regularly see them at Meet Markets; They are always present! So Maria "Psarokokalo" and Evrydiki decided it was about time to start something of their own and with the help of their fb friends they decided that their new home would be called La.Trap! Cute isn't it?

Well, to be honest I haven't visited the shop yet but I always have it in mind! Yesterday I received their Fall/Winter 2010/11 catalogue and I fell complete in love with it so.. a quick reminder: First thing when I get better from this cold, is to go and visit La.Trap.
These staffed cloud-pillows are what my bed-couch needs for Winter! View the rest of the collection here.

Trivonianou 56, Mets

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Toi&Moi Tote bags Give Away!

This is more than EXCITING for me! It's actually the first GIVE-AWAY of this blog and I thought I owed to make it special!

After this post and the video I did for Toi&Moi, I had a wild idea! I've seen the sketches of the collection not only in the showroom but also in all Toi&Moi store window displays and I loved them (you can check them also at LFoF's post here)... And that's how the idea came! I love the sketches and I love holding canvas tote bags in my daily life!

What if we could create bags with the Toi&Moi sketches on them?!? After I sent my proposal, Toi&Moi sent me back their one and now I'm more than excited to present to you the final result! Practical and most of all ecological, from now on I'll carry around my own canvas bag!

...and I won't be the only one!


If you want to be one of the 10 lucky SoHo Symposium readers that will have the opportunity to win one of these beauties just send me an email with your name at until next Wednesday, Oct 27th.

Good luck and spread the news! These bags are exclusive and you won't find them elsewhere!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

DElight S/S 2011

The DElight collection for Spring/Summer 2011 was inspired by the Aztec culture mixed with surfing attitude! Neon colored fabrics with illustrations of surfers and boats were matched with plain white tops with Aztec-like linear shapes! Funky neon colors, surfers, geometry and a little bit of history?...That sounds interesting!

This time the collection was special for three more reasons! As the girls revealed to me, they had found the colorful fabrics last year and were that excited, that they immediately bought them! After spending long days and months just looking at them, they started designing the new collection! In their previous collections, first they had made the designs and then they started looking for the fabrics. Another interesting detail, is that for the first time, the forms were more loose! DElight are known for their strict tailored looks but we got the pleasure to see even a baggy black and white maxi dress among others! Of course the final thing that made this collection special is that for the first time DElight designed a small mens' line consisted of four looks!

Once again I was backstage dressing up the models and as I realized later, I never saw a DElight show differently! Always backstage and always having the pleasure to touch the clothes with my own hands!

I have to admit that the casting of the models this time was the best ever made! Every single model looked stunningly beautiful!

Even the male models had a "surfing attitude"! They looked cool even dressed in a pink ensemble!
And now the details:
The fabrics were colorful and child
ish! They definitely bring a smile on my face!
Plaited hair with pink, white and blue locks...
Neon yellow nail polish!
...and shoes that had the fabrics used in clothes as shoelaces!
"Who are the DEsigners? "
And the highlight of the show: a man walking at Technopoli with his DElight surfboard!...Nothing unusual!
Don't forget to check Elena's post as she and Lopi were front row, capturing catwalk stills and recording the complete show for your pleasure!

Alexis Barrell SS/11

the look that I most loved!
The seats were old school-chairs! Loved them!
The designer Alexis Barrell along with beautifully dressed Pauline Saupin that organized the show.
On Friday, at the same time that Fashion Week was held a few meters away, a limited crowd was gathered at Ε.Δ.Ω. gallery at Kerameikos to support a new designer!

Alexis Barrell was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. When she grew up, she moved to Paris and later on studied at the famous Instituto Marangoni. After graduating she worked in NY but the end of this trip was set to be Greece!

Her first collection, for SS/11 is inspired by the Greek islands! "The fabrics are either washed with faded pastels like the worn fishing boats, or bold brights like the sea and the changing sky."
The combination of sheer fabrics along with more geometrical shapes and the loose forms of the clothes definitely bring in mind summers in Greece! Barefoot walking girls, with their retro shades and an up-do for their still-wet after the sea hair....tanned skin that can be seen under sheer fabrics and a smooth color pallet! Oh yes I could have all the Alexis Barrell collection in my closet for next Summer!

Remember Alexis Barrell's name for the future and don't forget to check her site here

first pic source:

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Ippolito Opening Party

Ippolito has a brand new Fall/Winter 2010/11 collection and the best way to present it to us is with a party!

Of course you've already heard of Ippolito here and took a look at the inside of the shop here, but today it's the official Opening Day!!! Be there, before or after DElight, Paulina will be expecting you from 18:00 till late at night with wine and lovely music!


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