Tuesday, 29 September 2009

the October issue

So, here we are! Fashion bloggers brand contributors of Vogue's October issue!

For the none-Greek speakers, here is the translation of our part:

Fashion's Night Out was something that we wanted to do from the first time we heard about it! So, at the 10th of September, each blogger wore in her personal way the especially designed t-shirts and all together we rushed downtown to discover all the events that took place!
Fashion's Night Out was a chance to have fun! We could enter all shops without worrying if we had money or not. We got informed of all the latest collections, the ones that of course we'll later on make posts about, at our blog pages!
Next day, the first photos of the event were uploaded, together with the first comments. And all of us wrote the same thing... Fashion's Night Out ended successfully! Thank you Vogue!

You can find all participating blog pages at Facebook *Greek Fashion Blogs* fan page

Too bad, at the picture you get to see, we don't look as celebrity-wise as we wanted to look! I guess none of us was ready to get photographed by all these photographers that shouted "Here! oohhh Fashion Bloggers, look here too!!!"
OK, so i'm kidding! There was no such paparazzi drama, the only "drama" was that in our first-ever-appearance at vogue pages, some of us didn't manage to get the "open-eye" look! But, no worries C. ! Now, you have one more reason to claim your own Vogue photoshoot! For sure!

Monday, 28 September 2009

tell THiS story: the 3 promises

Tell a Story trade show ended yesterday after a week at Bios! It's one of those moments that I'm happy to discover new and old designers and that my wallet is literally itching inside my pocket! This time i was happy to see that there was not only jewellery presented but also lot's of clothes! Hm hmmm my field! Now i present you the 3 names that stole my heart.
I fell in love with each and every Grace dress! I met the designer in person and i have to say that she is the sweetest! She let me take pictures of her most colorful dresses and i made a promise that you'll hear more of her soon!
Next designer was Efharis. She lives and works in Salonica, so for the time being you'll only find her clothes at her showroom there, or as she told me, soon online! Second promise i have to keep: Efharis post coming soon!
And last but not least, Matalou. I'm telling you guys she is one of those people that from the moment you speak to her,you know that she is one true person. I was actually shy speaking at her at first, as all these years that i walk around the streets around Plaka, i always end up at her little and magical shop and i'm one of her biggest fans! I love the way that she works with the leather and now it's the right time to tell you that she is having her own post here soon,too!

In the final two pictures you see my two fashionable girlfriends that accompanied me at the event! Efi and Marw! Check their yellow details! Efi's necklace and Marw's belt stole everyone's heart!

p.s. i was also happy to see Alecca Rox! She was the official sponsor of the trade show and she has done an amazing job at Tell a story's blog! check it here.

Friday, 25 September 2009

United Brands headquarters

Last Saturday i had a proposition that i couldn't turn down! United Brands company invited us-bloggers- to visit their headquarters and come face to face with all the brand new-not even presented publicly yet- Spring/Summer 2010 collections!
Their most widely known shop is More and More and the thing that even i didn't know by that point was that at all More and More shops you are not going to find just their clothes but also other separate brands! These shops work as boutiques, so you'll be able to find a lot of different styles!
At the pictures above you see me and Queen B in action! And by action i basically mean, trying on different clothes (i fell in love with the purple vest) and taking endless pictures at every showroom we entered!
Overall it was a wonderful Saturday afternoon, and a great thing that a company such as United Fashion Brands chose to come a little closer with the fashion bloggers!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Graces's September Issue

Yesterday it was like a second Vogue's Fashion's Night Out took place! All faces familiar were gathered at 8 o'clock outside Danaos cinema, waiting-anticipating to see the one and only documentary approved by Anna Wintour herself, "The September Issue".
And while everyone expected to see just Anna being herself, at the end all the interest of the movie was about the person of Grace Coddington, the magazine’s longtime creative director that entered the business as a model!
The fact that she manages to argue and have different opinions than the ones of Anna was something not a lot of people knew (including me!). In fact, the whole world thought that Anna Wintour is that powerful,because noone dares to have another opinion! Well....NO!
Here are some parts of the interview that Grace Coddington gave for the September Issue:

You were reluctant to be in The September Issue. But you eventually decided to do it. Why?

I really wasn’t given an option, and I guess R.J. [Cutler, the director] noticed I was the only one who argued. I was even a bit spiky with them. And they wanted that dynamic. I still didn’t want to do it. It’s not what I do, but I gave in. These things do come back to haunt you.

Does the movie accurately portray life at Vogue?

It portrays a small part, I think. It showed the racks whizzing by. And it showed us all sneaking into the art department when no one is looking to see what pictures made it up on the board and how they’re jumping around. Everyone does that, though maybe I’m a bit more like a dog with a bone.

Of the photo shoots you did in the September 2007 issue, which is your favorite?

The one I make such a fuss about in the movie—the twenties story I did with Meisel, who also won’t allow cameras on his set. He was allowed not to allow it.

The New York Times
characterized your most important relationship here as one like that between Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. . . .

What I want to know is which one’s me. Anna’s the leader like Mick. I guess I’m Keith because I’m wrinkled. Seriously, though, a lot of people say Anna’s the business one and I’m the creative one. It’s not true. She’s the creative one. So many of the shoots I do start with her ideas.

What was going through your mind in the infamous silent-elevator scene?

“Oh, God, I hope it’s not too many floors up.”

What’s the secret of surviving for 27 years in fashion?

Twenty-seven! Are you kidding? Do I look that young? Try 50!

There is no secret—just by absolutely loving what you do. Maybe it looks easy in the film to get great pictures. But there’s a lot more lead up, which you wouldn’t want to film because it’s boring. There’s all the wheeling and dealing to get the people to do the picture. There’s making sure you get the best clothes first, getting the right photographer and model, hair and makeup. The precise team is all-important. I do not accept second best. That’s my strength and my downfall, at the same time. Because I’m so stubborn I often do end up getting what I want. Even at school. On my reports it used to say, “Grace has a sweet way of getting her will.” I mean, I AM aware that sometimes I can be very annoying.

p.s. now i have even more respect for Grace, as the twenties photoshoot is one of my all time favourite vogue photoshoots! The picture on the right is saved on my computer from 2007!

sources: style.com, nytimes.com

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

movie nights

Two films i've heard long time ago and anticipated to see! Last night finally i saw Coco & Igor! (Thank god last minute we discovered that it was played at Attikon cinema and not at Danaos as i said!)
The film takes place at 1920- just the right period of time for me- and it describes the love affair of Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky,famous Russian composer. I can't say that i was taken by the love story as it presents Coco taking another woman's man, but despite that, the film gives hints to the life that Coco lived. A very lonely one but definitely an extraordinary one. It presents her way of loving black and white colors...
-you don't like colors?
-of course i do, as long as it's black!
and her urge to create the perfect woman perfume!...not too flowery...not too sweet! Chanel no5! and of course you get to understand how despite the fact that no one really acknowledged her talent as an artist-and not as a shopkeeper-, she succeeded in being one of the most important persons in the fashion history!

Tonight's film....is another story! I'm counting the hours to see one of the most powerful women of today, Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, and the way that she manages to rule the entire fashion world! I'll keep you posted!

À Bientôt

sources:finnkino.fi, google

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Christopher Kane mania

Blame Christopher Kane! He started it all! His gorilla dresses were crazy enough to make even the most "quiet" dressers change up their minds and actually try them on!!!!
And "Once you take Topshop, you own the world!"...well i just made this up, but i think that it's actually true! Christopher Kane for Topshop is now online and he continued the craziness by actually designing a much more affordable version of his gorilla dress, the "Crocodile print T-shirt".(see pic on the right)
Here in Greece we don't have Topshop (i'm not ungrateful, i know we have to be thankful at least for being able to shop online). So, H&M was kind enough to present another version of these clothes that have life of their own! And i have to say that it was love at first sight as i much more like the view of the sea that actually wearing a little monster on me!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Polixeni Papapetrou

My search for Greek artist living and succeeding abroad is continuous! So here is my most recent find! Photographer Polixeni Papapetrou, born in Melbourne by Greek parents that keeps living and working in her hometown! I love the fact that she likes working with kids and that she frequently uses her own daughter as a model! (See last pair of photos of Alice in Wonderland). Also i was intrigued to find out that she has worked also with body builters, drag queens and rockabilly lovers!

In Andrian Martin's words:
"Melbourne-based Polixeni Papapetrou dedicates herself purely to the research of the artificial. Her models - dressed as Elvis or Marilyn or Alice in Wonderland - have an affecting flesh-and-blood reality, but everything around them is studiously unreal, from the props to the backdrops. Papapetrou is a master of staging, of that art known from theatre and cinema as mise en scéne or 'setting the scene'. In that great aesthetic choice that all artists must male between the studio and the street, Papapetrou chooses the studio - even if it is a makeshift one tucked away in her home."

watch also here Polixeni Papapetrou speaking herself of her work (the part that her daughter dressed up as Alice in Wonderland knows by heart what her caracter says is the sweetest!)

source: polixenipapapetrou.net

Friday, 18 September 2009

The Anatomy of a Gift Bag!

The other day a friend of mine, texted me with a rather interesting text message!! What do the gift bags that designers give away during the fashion weeks, have inside?!?!
At most shows, you'll only get a tote bag if you sit in the first or second row. And it also depends on the show you are visiting! Some designers give wearable pieces such as bags or scarves while others fill the bags with everything their sponsors gives them!
The ones that are more privileged -and those that on the other hand spend hours and hours of working- are the people working for the press! Here's the complete list of everything their gift bag consisted of in this year's New York Spring 2010 Fashion Week!

• 1 .5 oz. tube Hylexin Serious Dark Circles eye cream
• Package of four Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks in "Make Me Pink","Totally Toffee", "Very Cherry" and "Yummy Plummy"
TRESemmé 4.2 oz Tres Two hairspray & 4 oz. Anti-Frizz Secret Smoothing Crème
• 1 Muscle Milk Light Smart Hunger Control bar in Vanilla Toffee Crunch
• 1 $5.00 McDonald's Arch Card
Chambord Raspberry Mints
DHL metal luggage tag
Bonnie Marcus Collection holiday greeting cards from American Express
Isharya.com 20% discount card
• Printed rayon shawl from Bindya New York
• 2 Free subscription card for Clear Magazine
Madame Paulette professional stain removal kit
• 1 box Lu Petite Écolier dark chocolate biscuits
Rouge Tomate gift card including a complimentary consultation with a nutritionist and $100 towards Lunch or Dinner.
• Vinyl travel bag
• 2 $500 Alex Soldier gift certificates (on a minimum $3,000 purchase)
Ambrosi Abrianna press kit and 15% discount card
Mercedes-Benz hotel discount card for European vacationers taking delivery of a new car in Stuttgart, Germany
• Special complimentary copy of Marvel Comics "Models Inc." Vol. 1 Issue 1 starring Tim Gunn

source: theshophound.typepad.com

Thursday, 17 September 2009

DIY Alexander Wang S2010

Ok ok!! i't s New York fashion week!! the surprising part would be if someone of you didn't know it by now!
Everyday i'm trying to check all the new collections, but then i'm finding myself lost as i don't know what's better!...Look at the bright coloured spring collections or pay attention to all the Fall runways so that i'll be a little more inspired now that Fall is..actually...HERE?!
And while i end up saying that who cares about spring when Fall is all that I see around me, i discover this picture of Marie who works for Acne in Denmark and was quick enough not only to see the new Alexander Wang collection for spring 2010 but also, make the first DIY of that collection! She's used a little bit of leather in the right orangy brown and an old Acne sweatshirt!

Hands up for Marie!


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Lou Doillon for Vanessa Bruno

hmm..i think that by now my love for fashion videos is quite obvious!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Alexander McQueen

if this is not crazy stuff,then what is it!?!?!? Love it!
net-a-porter: €935

Monday, 14 September 2009

Fashion's One and Only Night Out - Athens

Shopping is fun,right? Ok ok most of the times. At least it's fun if you're not bored,anxious or nervous. Because i assure you-from personal experience-that shopping in the above situations most of the times ends in "what the h@$ll did i buy" expressions!
Now imagine that you're in a happy mood and you want to go shopping! And while downtown you find all shops open, with DJ sets playing up-beat music, bar tenders willing to give you free drinks, even sweet girls offering you ice-creams! And imagine, that you start exploring each and every shop with all your fellow fash-blogger friends and that Vogue photographers take pictures of you and people stop you to ask what all this is about. And on your way to Observatory where a live catwalk took place, you saw celebrities just outsite the shops (like Tamta outside .Lak) and that the shop windows instead of dummies had real life models!! AND IMAGINE that all this, ended up in a major party at CityLink where common people and fashion people, all danced and drunk their chocolate martini's together!
OK, now you get the idea of what Fashion's Night Out was it all about!

(all pictures taken by me except of the set of pictures with Tamta and Polina Sarri-Glamour's editor in chief that i borrowed from Fashion Paths, if you use please credit)

Friday, 11 September 2009

Vogue's Fashion Night Out

Just returned from Vogue's Fashion Night Out after hours of endless walking up and down Voukourestiou str., 2 drinks, a runway show at Observatory and the final party at Citylink!
we..Thalia from LifeInAthens,me,Nina from LasNinasYLosNinos and C from FashionPaths wish you a goodnight!
Stay tuned for all the after-party photos!...CELEBRITIES INCLUDED!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Greece takes part in the global VOGUE celebration of Fashion. Almost each and every store downtown will have special events and at the end of the night, all people will gather up at CityLink (Boukourestiou str) where DJ's, live bands and LIVE CATWALK will take place!
I'm happy to announce that Greek Fashion Bloggers will highly participate at this event, so tomorrow night you'll see our familiar faces wondering around the streets and stores, taking pictures and talking to everyone willing to talk!!
See you there!

more info on the special offers and latest news here

Monday, 7 September 2009

Starry Eyed Surprise

Risto Bimbiloski with stars in our eyes!!!

source: assemblynewyork

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Emmanuelle Alt

Emmanuelle Alt is not only French Vogue's fashion director. She has personally helped firms like Isabel Marant and Balmain create their statement looks. As fashion week approaches i'm anticipating her new "sartorialist" looks.

sources: tfs, bobblebee

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Neurotica A/W 09/10

Few words for Neurotica label:

Neurotica is a London based label specializing in hand printed pieces designed by Victoria McGrane.
Originally from Lancashire, England, Victoria grew up in the sunny Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia where she studied painting at Sydney College of The Arts and Textile Design for Print at East Sydney Tafe. After an extended backpacking trip through South East Asia and Europe ending up in London, Victoria assisted fashion designers Michelle Lowe-Holder and Siv Stoldal and worked freelance before setting up a textile printing studio.
Victoria's love of print is evident in all of her designs, which feature intricate geometric repeats and inky hand drawn illustrations.
The name of the label is indicative of the mood of the line and the fact that Victoria is a self-confessed neurotic& The collections explore the boundaries between the sweet and the sinister and are designed with the kind of girl in mind who is highly individual and likes her cute to come with a darker edge.
One of the definitions of the word neurotic is "an obsession with everyday things". Neurotic is derived from the greek word Neuron- meaning "Over stimulation of the nerves and senses", this combined with the implication of desirability really sums up the labels philosophy.

source: designerhunter.com

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Although i'm still in a summer mood, looking again and again at all the photos i took during summer, yesterday's rain and today's day at the calendar made me realize that autumn is officialy here!
Let the boots,umbrellas and cloaks get out of your closets you ladies!!

ooh and for the ones of you that are already bored of their clothes, here's the chance to get new clothes in zero cost! Clemmie and Melroy accompanied by Life in Athens' Thalia, organize the first clothing exchange party in Athens on SATURDAY 5/9_ 18:00-21:00. in order to participate you have to email the girls and as few places are left make sure you do that quickly! check here for more information and also make sure you are on time in order to find the clothes desired! oooh..and treats are always welcome!!!



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