Sunday, 28 February 2010

Today @Big Fish Magazine

This is going to be a quick post, just to inform you that me and my fellow fash bloggers AleccaRox, Elena, Bianca and Thalia were featured in Big Fish's article about Greek Fashion Blogs!

More photos and backstage candy tommorrow!

Saturday, 27 February 2010

The after-life of GGD

So, as I told you the day before yesterday, I had the chance to be presenting my blog at the 14th Girls Geek Dinner!
To be true I was quite stressed and that didn't have to do with the fact that I had to speak to a room full of 100 people but with the fact that it was actually the first time that I was invited to do a presentation that didn't concern an economic analysis or a whatsoever economic subject! It had to do with something I created, something I love doing and something I do without much thinking:...the blogging!

As I was the last presenter, I decided that I prefered to speak less of who I am and what this blog is about, and more about the fashion blog scene in general. That decision was taken from the first moment I got the GGD invitation and it was taken because I truly believe in what I also said yesterday...
Fashion blogging is actually "a new reality" that some haven't realized yet. It transformed radically the way fashion business is made and maybe us bloggers didn't know that this was going to happen from the beginning but now we have to sort-of "mature" and be more responsible to our blog-work!

At the end of our presentations, we had the chance to answer the audience's questions and I was really happy to listen to people that are highly evolved to this business.

In their own words they said that Greek companies are actually interested in the Greek fashion blogs, that we have a very unique power that we need to keep: that of spreading the news in the best marketing way, that of word of mouth and that fashion blogs need to be taken seriously as they are not lacking in anything from a professional site.

The other blogs that were presented yesterday were: superficial intelligence , and LFoF Take a look at each one as they are excellent examples of the different forms of blogging!

For the ones of you that couldn't make it to come, here is my presentation. Just click with your mouse to go to the next slide. Without words it doesn't make much sense but at least you can get the idea of what was said!

first pic borrowed from AleccaRox

Thursday, 25 February 2010

SoHo Symposium @ GGD !

You know my love for the geek-chic looks right?! Well, now I can actually prove that I'm not only into the look but also... the attitude!!!

Girl Geek Dinner is a place where women can talk about innovative issues, proving that they are actually equal to men! I cannot say that I'm a major technology geek but when it comes to fashion blogging one word I have to say and that is "oooooooohyesssss" !!!

So, tomorrow I'm honored to be presenting my blog together with three other talented geek-fash-ladies and prove that fashion blogging not only exists in Greece but actually is quite popular!

No need to say that you are all welcome to come, right?!?

Find out more info by visiting the site and by RSVP at the 14th GGD Facebook event page!

pic, googleimages

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

We are one!

SoHo Symposium has it's own birthday !!!! Can't actually believe how quickly this year has passed and now that I come to think about it I'm even more amazed by the things that I have done and the new friends I have made through this year!

I want to thank you all for the support and love that you show and promise to keep this blog as updated as possible!

Till the next year....We are One!!!

pic source:fashiongonerogue

Monday, 22 February 2010

Exciting things!

This is going to be a long and busy week with the busyness starting...yesterday! I'm not going to reveal more at this certain moment as there is no time to waste but I promise to keep you posted !!!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Kimberly Ovitz

Ok..check these facts...Kimberly Ovitz is 27 years old. At the age of 14, she had her first fashion internship at J.Crew followed by internships at Harper's Bazaar and W magazine and then one more summer internship at Chanel! Later on she worked as assistant designer at Imitation of Christ leading to a valuable industry experience, at the age of 25!
She then desided to start her own brand and almost two years later, she not only has presented three lines but has also finished a pre-fall and a fall/winter 2010 collection! The other most amazing thing about her is that she is LA-based and despite that fact -among with the also LA-based Rodarte duo- she creates clothes that are much more New York or Paris influenced.

For her third collection-the one you get to see here- Kimberly Ovitz looked to the architecture of Frank Gehry and the serenity of Buddhist monk's robes!
I'm telling you people keep an eye on this young lady as she is also Queen Wintour-approved!

I'm impressed!


Thursday, 18 February 2010

Glamcanyon was here!

It's 00:24 and minutes before heading to bed, while not seeing anything else in fashion blogs rather than Copenhagen Fashion Week pics, New York Fashion Week tweet reviews and Bloggers Fashion Conferences posts... I bumped into these rather interesting pics!

If they don't ring a bell, take a closer look at that air-condition, that mini market, that sunset and that...Life juices!!

Oh yes! These two photoshoots have taken place in Athens! Glamcanyon is among the most successful fashion blogs for streetstyle and not only photographs. Some weeks ago she visited Athens and did these editorials!
And.. Oh yes No2! The model in the first editorial is Ramona from that Next Top Model show

p.s. please don't leave me comments about the final winner of Next Top Model as I can't have any opinion...I don't know the names of the girls, I don't even now the name of the winner..donno if Ramona was among the final 5..the only thing I know is that I liked her more than anyone else and that I'm happy that I saw her familiar face in Glamcanyon again! Now may the God be with me for saying something like that!!!!

visit Glamcanyon links here and here for the complete editorial pictures and credits

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Myrto Stamou for SoHo Symposium

Greek born Myrto Stamou picked up the River Island Gold Award and the Womenswear Award at 2009 Graduate Fashion Week winner!

As mentioned here Giles Deacon, who was on the judging panel at GFW, added: “We chose the winner of the River Island Womenswear Award because we felt her collection had a very strong signature style. It was a cohesive range which could easily be sold tomorrow. “

Personally I couldn't been happier that Myrto succeeded and I felt rather honoured when she accepted to do this interview with me!

1. You were the 2009 Graduate Fashion Week winner! What were your thoughts the day after you won the award?

I think I was still trying to wake up from the dream and realize what happened. It was a real shock to hear my name at the Gala Show of Graduate Fashion Week. I always believed in me and my graduate collection but I also knew that it is very difficult to win in such a big competition so I never really thought that this can happen to me. Th
e days that followed were crazy but after all this sunk in I managed to get my head round and plan my future under the new circumstances. I still sometimes think it was a dream, I can’t believe that something I worked on with so much passion for a whole season was loved by other people too. From my point of view this is the ultimate satisfaction for a designer.

2. I recently read in a Wallpaper article about the importance of fashion designers' competitions such as Swiss Textiles Award or Hyeres. How important do you think that they are for the young designers and at the end, can a designer still be creative while his existence in the fashion world depends on his financial support?

There are quite many competitions in UK and many organizations that support new designers which I really think is essential for a country with such a big fashion industry. Competition in UK is huge as there are numerous Fashion courses and many designers who graduate each year and try to gain a place in the fashion industry. These organizations and competitions can give you the chance to show your work to a broad audience and distinguish yourself from the lots of others but of course it’s up to you if you will manage to use this to your best interest. Building a fashion brand is still building a business, finance is as essential as creativity and imagination. Not taking this into consideration can be risky even for the most promising fashion designer. However I think that this is where a creative person can demonstrate his talent, as to be able to be commercial and popular and still be creative is not easy, but it is not impossible too.

3. Sophia Kokosalaki mentioned your name as one of her favourite new designers breed (source: Sophia Kokosalaki talks to Filep Motwary). How do you feel about that? Have you met Sophia, Mary Katratzou or Marios Schwab in person?

Sophia Kokosalaki is one of my favourite designers, I just love her work, her aesthetics, her vision. Being mentioned by her was an amazing honour for me, I was so moved when I read that interview! I haven’t met her yet but I really wish I will as I would love to do an internship at her studio for a while, it would be great to s
ee her working on her new collection. I have met Mary Katratzou in person who is becoming really big here in London. Her last collection was beautiful.

4. You have mentioned to me that you are going to return to Greece and start working from here. Mary Katratzou is known for the fact that she works with Greek factories for her products although still based in London. Do you think it's easy to run this sort of business based in Greece?

I don’t think it’s easy, it would probably be wiser to stay in London, however I really want to try and see how things can work from Greece. My thoughts are to base my brand in Athens but try to show in London too. I am sure I will face some difficulties as I would in London too; building a new fashion brand is not easy no matter where you are. I love Greece and that’s where I imagine myself living permanently therefore I will try my best to make my plans work.

5. What are your thoughts about the Greek fashion scene and who are your favourite Greek Fashion designers?

I think there are some very interesting Greek Fashion designers who bring Greek fashion to a very good and competitive level. The Greek Fashion scene is changing as new designers emerge bringing a fresh and creative view into fashion. My personal favourite is Yiorgos Eleftheriades with whom I had the chance to work for a while during my first year of studies. He has a very special design identity and I love the way he treats femininity and masculinity.

6. What inspires you more?
I usually get inspired from Art. I personally love painting and I always had a passion for anything artistic. Sculptures, paintings, photographs, installations can make me imagine and feel the urge to be creative. For my graduate collection I drew inspiration from Hans Bellmer while from time to time I have drawn inspiration from Klimt, Dali and Naum Gabo.

What are your plans for the near future?
For the near future I plan to get as much work experience as I can by working with London based designers. I am in the process of learning, making mistakes, experimenting and getting valuable advice from experienced people inside the fashion industry which I think is really important in order to start my own brand in the next few months.

Note: the copyrights of this interview belongs to The SoHo Symposium.

Credits for the photoshoot goes to:

Photographer: Siru Kivisto, Tommi Aittala
Styling: Anna Mandreka
Model: Natasha Batt
Make up& hair: Alexandra Papavasileiou

Friday, 12 February 2010

Sorry for the loss but Life goes on!

Let me translate the title: I can't get out of my mind McQueen's tragic death...Mostly I'm sad and angry for taking his own life away in such a brutal way.Also the fact that he was one of my very favourite designers makes the loss irreplaceable. But!
But...yesterday some minutes after I read about McQueen I headed to the opening of THEIA boutique and as I was still shocked the first thing that I told her was not "Congrats" but "McQueen is dead" (very un-professional of me now that I come to think about it).
After realizing what I had just told her, THEIA told me "Well.. it's tragic but we can't let that turn us down! We are here to celebrate the opening"!!!
So yes..McQueen is dead, but THEIA is as wise as her own name suggests... We'll remember Lee for ever, but life goes on and great new designer talents need our support and attention!!!So please don't moan in each and every blog! Instead find new designers and show them your love!!! (they need it)

You can find THEIA's shop at
Ippokratous 66

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Rock that t-shirt!

This post is for the ones of you that haven't read Sussie Bubble yet!!! From the moment i discovered these tees I just can't get them out of my mind! And you know what they say about not being able to get what you want..well that just happened! The tees are out of sale, they were part of a special exhibition at the Brachfeld Gallery in Paris and created by Swedish duo Sandberg&Timonen.

I so want that Alber Elbaz one...grrr!


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Happy Go Lucky!

Thalia of LifeInAthens tagged me last week to name the 10 things that make me happy! Instead of describing photos of what makes me happy I decided to post these photos! I started taking photos of what was above me, years ago and it wasn't till recently that I realised that I did this in almost every place that I went! Now that I see them all gathered together in one post I these photos are going to be the first thing in my 10-things-that-make-you-smile-list !!!

No 2 Happiness: Trips

I absolutely love traveling! The past three years I traveled like crazy and I think that this need of mine will never go away (well maybe it will when I visit each and every corner of the world)! Traveling makes me smile like crazy! From the moment I book the tickets and the hostel, I start dreaming about my destination!

No3 Happiness: Spending time with the people I most love.
I am an only child and for me my friends are my family! That's why I get happy with things that maybe others would think that are silly! Things like going for a long walk with a friend or even the simplest thing that exists: Waking up and seeing someone beside me!

No4 Happiness: Reading a book or a magazine
I suspect that you have already realised that! I am the happiest person alive when a friend brings me a book as a gift, when it's Thursday and on my way to work I find LiFO or Athens Voice and when my boss brings to the office Vogue UK or AnOther magazine!

No5 Happiness: The silly things that matter
such as...the smell of the coffee, the neighbour who plays the piano every Sunday, a graffiti, the first ice-cream of summer, bicycles in Athens, Swing Lessons and the list goes on forever!

No6 Happiness: Summer
I'm a Summer person! I hate winter, I hate rain and I count the days for the summer holidays! I love the fact that the darkness falls after nine o'clock and the feeling of the midday naps!

No7 Happiness:Drawing, Painting, Creating things with my own hand
I always remember myself with paints and color pencils in hand! Unfortunately the last years I don't design as much as I used to, but I found a new way of handling my creativity! Sewing! I love creating new things and I find it amazing to be able to wear my own things!

No8: Starbucks
Call me an idiot but Starbucks makes me happy! I love Tazo Chai Tea Latte and I think that I can't live without it! When I did Erasmus in Milano, the two only things that I missed from my weekly routine were LiFo and Starbucks! LiFo thank god existed online but Starbucks no! That's why the first thing I did when I went to Barcelona and Paris was to visit a Starbucks straight away!

No9 Happiness: Movies
I love going to the cinema! I'm happy just to be there
! The smell of the pop corn and the fact that a bunch of people are all gathered up to watch the same thing makes me smile! What I love the most about Greece are the open-cinemas during summer that play old classic movies! Last summer I saw movies with Marylin Monroe and Audrey Hepburn with the open night sky above me! Perfection!

And No10: You
Yes you! This blog will be One Year Old in a couple of days and I smile each and every day that I open my page and read all your lovely comments!

I tag Jo and Christiana as the next ones to do this list!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Lara Crafts Bazaar

During the Christmas period there were held so many bazaars that I felt overdosed by the amount of talented crafters at some point! So, these two months that have passed I chose not to visit any other bazaar in order to start feeling excited again and of some money!

Yesterday, together with Nina and Thalia we went to
Lara Crafts Bazaar that was held at Ash in Art! The place was small but cozy and provided enough space for everyone to present their work! There among others we saw our beloved Strigla! I first met her at the second Swap Party and despite the fact that she lives in Tripoli she doesn't miss a chance to visit Athens for bazaars!

I decided not to post lots of pics because people, I'm telling you: the bazaar was a complete success for me and at the end I found it impossible to put all the pictures that I have taken! I was impressed with most of the creation and my wallet was even more impressed than me!!!

I'm showing you only two pics of each creator that drew my attention so next time you come across their names, pay some serious attention!! In order of appearance you see creations of:

Striggles. We had a sneak preview of her forthcoming Spring Collection and I still can't get over her colorful sandals and pumps with..watermelons!!!!
Second to come is Irene Palaiologou. Most of her staff is recycled! She uses Coca-Cola cans and transforms them into amazing necklaces! Her father is also a creator and he was the sweetest! We talked about the technique of liquid glass on accessories and it seems the quote is actually true... "Like father like...daughter"!!!
Third comes Valentini! She is the creator of the pencil earrings that I so loved!!!
Fourth our...Naked Tile!!! And by our I mean that Natalie has a blog of her own and is talented enough to create all sorts of accessories! I so loved her "Alice in Wonderland" themed pins that Alice is now proudly sitting on my shirt! The "home", "alt", "del" rings are also Naked Tile and gave a hard time at Thalia that is still on "not shop" probation !!!
Finally, Marianna Pourgali along with Nikos Delijannis, inspired by Valentine's day, created numerous hearts for every little Valentine in town!!!

Today is the final day of the bazaar, so if you see this post in time, don't hesitate and pay a visit!


(don't forget to credit if you want to use the photos)

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Dot your day!

Random outfit post! I'm so into dots these days that I'm constantly trying to find new ways of wearing a single dotted Zara t-shirt in as many ways as possible! So far so good...dotted tshirt with jeans and over the knee boots, dotted tshirt with black leggings and long cardigan on top and finally dotted tshirt with dotted skirt!!!
Very Comme de Gargon for H&M of me don't you think???

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Christian Wijnants

Christian Wijnants was born in Brussels. Later on he moved to Antwerp to study Fashion Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and after his graduation he was talented enough to win in numerous competitions for young designers!
I just came across his Spring/Summer 2010 collection and I must say that I'm impressed...I love the color palette, the drapes and all the black and white spotted dresses in particular!

Antwerp's designers never seize to amaze me!



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