Monday, 30 November 2009

Maria Mastory

No words necessary for Maria Mastori. For the ones of you that follow this blog, you already know my love and appreciation for the Mastori-Motwary team! (see this and this)

So it was a few days ago, that "Fashion Paths" Christie informed me that she was going to pay a visit at the M/M atelier, and i couldn't resist from telling her to buy for me this piece of art! Luckily it wasn't sold out and after an hour it became mine forever!

Stay tuned as Maria Mastori is going to throw a Xmas bazaar really soon!

source: first photo courtesy of Filep Motwary

Sunday, 29 November 2009

my fair lady

Audrey Hepburn is one of the actresses i most admire! She had that effortless chicness and elegance i so love...On December the 8th, the Kerry Taylor Auctions House is auctioning some of the most known Hepburn dresses. Among them, numerous Givenchy pieces, as Audrey was the Givenchy muse for most of her years. 50% of the net proceeds will be donated to the Audrey Hepburn Childrens Fund.

You can see all the pieces auctioned here.


Saturday, 28 November 2009

Talk about avant garde

Just found it and i had to immediately share it with you! Crazy or NOT i like it! Now, we are going to discover if Lady Gaga reads this blog or not...because if she does, you know what she'll wear next!

Happy rest of the weekend folks!


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

New babe in town!

Say hello to my new baby!!! As i have mentioned in some older post, i have started sewing lessons, and after learning how to use these babes, it was time to get one for myself!!!
So, HUSQVARNA VIKING® E20 sewing machine help me turn into reality all those d.i.y. dreams of mine!!!

I have to say that a fellow blog pal, (and amazing singer as well) Sugahspank has already motivated me enough! Let the battle begin miss Sugah!!!! =)

picture taken by me-if used please credit

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Over-the-knee Socks Mission

Some days ago i received an email from a very supportive SoHo Symposium reader, asking me in a very sweet way, how to wear over the knee socks! She also wanted to know what colors are the best and with which clothes they can be worn!
As you can guess, i couldn't drop the challenge, and i responded to her immediately that i would do my best to help her!
So here i am writing this post...about SOCKS!
In the pictures above there are shown all the ways to wear knee socks successfully. That means that for a look that doesn't have the intention to be extravagant the black color is the most secure option! Also, for the ones who want to devote to this new trend, the length of the cloth above has to be selected carefully. As you cover a very long area of leg, it doesn't harm to wear mini skirts or shorts, but beware that in the market you'll find all sorts...of shorts!! So for me, the best skirt is the one that is called tulip, and as for shorts..the ones that are not tight-tight (my english fluency always amazes me) ! As for shoes, i think that you can wear anything you want, but i have to say that i prefer wearing them, with mid-high boots and also with shoe boots so as to create a more romantic style! Hmm.. let me think for more infos..oh yes! You also have to pay attention to the upper part of your body...Because over the knee socks -for the ones that are not skinny- mean that they can create a sexy-plexy look, pleazzz don't show any more skin above! Be as conservative as your parents would want you to be and let the socks do their miracles!

...and for the ones that forget easily, this is the way that i styled my knee socks in an older post (link link)! Hope that i was helpful enough!

pictures used in order of appearance :

hansel for basel lookbook
topshop campaign

Saturday, 21 November 2009

theia brooch

Today's purchase: Theia brooch! Can't say more..but stay tuned! Something's exciting is on the way!!! Till then, enjoy once more the pictures taken on her latest fashion show (link here) while i'm enjoying this perfect brooch!

photo taken by me-if used please credit

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Do you remember?

Do you remember this post ??? From the first moment i bought that H&M t-shirt and still, it hangs in my closet like the most precious item around! As you can imagine i just gasped when i discovered this amazing D.I.Y! The sleeves are off and in their place a sheer fabric is placed! words around!


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

WhiteBox..all the rest!

As i is the second post about the Whitebox event, held on Sunday! In the first pic you see the amazing Georgia Kotsiopoulou, responsible for our make-up! I gave her complete freedom and it was actually the FIRST time i ever had my lips painted THAT red! As Georgia is indeed a challenge!
Next, responsible for our hair was the super stylish Kyriaki that was also dressed in Gaffer & Fluf! Thalia from Life in Athens tried- like me-the clothes from both designers Katerina and Marika! She turned from devil to angel in a minute! You can see her wild hairstyle here!
Christiana from Fashion Paths was the photographer of the event, handing me the camera only to get her make-up done by Georgia and change into a Chrystal dress!! Oh, i also have to mention her earrings as these large black chandeliars stole everyone's heart!
In the last set of pictures you get to see the rest of the wonderful guests that participated in the event, getting dressed by the stylists and photographed by us fashion bloggers!
I have to thank them for letting us take their pics and have to also add that they all looked amazing!!!

Also, a huge thank you to Jessica and all the people involved with WhiteBox! Hope we'll have the chance to organize more events like this one and i also hope we'll have the chance to see some of you, too!

Lot's of love

image credit for the first pic: Nikos Pitsilos

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

the WhiteBox photoshoot

Most probably you've already seen the Alecca Rox cover of the WhiteBox event, so i'm going to be brief! Me, Thalia from Life in Athens and Christiana from Fashion Paths were the "guests of honor" of the event as Alecca named us!
So by guests of honor i basically mean that we had the pleasure to get styled by the 2 amazing stylists and designers, Katerina of Gaffer & Fluf and Marika of the Chrystal label! Both me and Thalia wore their amazing clothes and after a few changes we settled to what designer suit us best! Gaffer & Flur for Thalia and Chrystal for me!!! In the first set of pictures you see me getting ready for my photoshoot (credits to Fashion Paths Christiana for the amazing job and equipment) and in the rest of the photos, guests happily possing after being styled by Katerina and Marika! Of course i couldn't resist to a Gaffer & Fluf vest, so minutes before i put on my Christal dress, i changed into the Gaffer & Fluf outfit! pics of Thalia and Christiana yet, but another post is coming soon!

Nighty nighty!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Guess Who!

Swiss Textile Award Winner Designer Alexander Wang! Congrats!

source:theselby,googleimages (colage made by me)

Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Rich Owens employee

i really like what she says about how influenced she is by mens style and how she thinks that it's effortless and that she doesn't have to try very hard! I'm always inspired by people who have their style and stick with that!
Who said that women have to wear only clothes that are designed for them? The only thing you have to do is find what is "designed" to suit you! And that can be a children's bag or a men's jacket as well! Inspiring!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Laura Laine for H&M

OK i admit it! i'm a simple-white-tee-with-a-cool-stamp-on-it addict! It's the simplest way to level up your style when you are bored to dress to impress! You just throw on your jeans and THAT category of a t-shirt and BUM! Everyone starts asking where did you find this cool t-shirt! (I'm telling you-it works!) And most importantly you don't have to consume energy or endless hours of shopping to find these tee's! H&M, Zara, Pull&Bear are luckily among the brands that always have cool simple tees in their collections!

The latest one that i found online is the above one! I only hope that i'll be able to find it also in H&M stores as Laura Laine is one of the illustrators i most adore! (see this post and you'll see what i mean!)

source: (photo courtesy of Laura Laine & Silver )

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Efharis Fashion Designer

Ok ok ...maybe i don't post as regularly as i did! Busy times for a fashion blogger but I promise i will try doing my best from now on! Furthermore you can't say that i don't keep my word AS today's post is all about another promise i gave 2 months ago (see this post) and as you can see i am a really reliable one!!
Efharis presented her clothes at last Tell-A-Story and i was amazed by her creations! All colorful and with beautiful prints! Clothes that can definitely make your day!

So at last, Efharis was kind enough to do a small Q&A so that you will know her a little better! Enjoy!

1. Efharis, you are one of the most creative young Greek designers, based in Salonika! What made you start creating clothes? What have you studied?

It must have been something magical that entered my mind and made me creative! I have studied in Salonika in a private school, design and history of clothes. My real studies though are all the jobs that i did after graduating.

2 Vivid colors are your trademark! What do colors mean to you? Who are your favourite designers and what inspires you?

Colors are something to play with, they create positive energy! I get inspired by people, items, something that for someone can be useless but for me can be the ultimate inspirational source. My favourite designers are JC de Castelbajac, Ashish, Manish Arora

3. What are the positive aspects of being based in Salonica?

When you do what you most love doing, everything seems positive!

4. You have told me that soon we will be able to buy your creations online! You are going to be one of the few Greek designers who use that method although abroad, e-shopping is quite known! You believe that Greeks use online shopping?

Yes, with internet distance isn't important and everything is easier!

5. You participated in the latest Tell-A-Story. Do you think that this kind of tradeshows must be organized more regularly? Would you present your work at a Fashion Week?

Of course! Tradeshows are useful for all designers! It's a way of presenting your work and also of meeting new people that share the same interests with you!.. And why not about the Fashion Week?

6. What are you plans now?

Keep doing what i'm doing, successfully!

And the last one...
7. If you could steal a famous person's clothes, who would you choose and why?

In that case i would love to turn back the time and sneak inside the closets of many famous persons! I love vintage!

check Efharis homepage here

Friday, 6 November 2009

Beautiful Inside & Out


I'm proud to announce a new collaboration between fashion blogs and WhiteBox.
SoHo symposium, Life in Athens and Fashion Paths will participate at the event organized byWhiteBox Praxitelous "Beautiful Inside & Out" !

Who said that Fashion Bloggers have to wear ONLY what they chose? Join us next Sunday at WhiteBox and watch, how Marika Poulopoulou and Katerina Vamvaka will style us up! After that, you'll have the chance to also get styled by these two fashion stylists! We will be there to take pics of you and-of course-meet you!

Join the WhiteBox facebook event page here where you can find the event's scedule and more info!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Grace Atelie Deluxe





Does Grace sound familiar? I think it should! Grace was one of the 3 "Tell-A-Story" promises that i gave two months ago (see here) Although i didn't have the chance to visit the store yet, i kept my promise and here is the second post especially made for Grace Atelie'!
I just received some images from the clothes that Grace Atelie Deluxe created for the christmas period! Oh yes Christmas is ACTUALLY in 50 days!!!! (if you've seen the Jumbo ad, you experienced already the christmas frenzy)
My personal favourite from the Xmas collection is the black jumpsuit!Really cute and elegant, don't you think?

You can find Grace Atelie Deluxe at



T/F 210 72 94 952

Expect more from Greek new Designers to come! (and that's not a promise...IT"S A FACT!)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

the chanel bag

the construction of a chanel bag is one of the most fascinating things to watch! And as i see those sewing machines creating i am-actually knowing few more things about these super sewing machines!!!
As i mentioned in some older post, i've started a seminar named "creative things to wear" few weeks ago! Yesterday was the day that for the first time i sat in front of a sewing machine-frightened about the result- and i actually sew something that looked like a belt! Although i'm still an amateur, i have to say that having learned how a sewing machine works,it feels like i'm in the start of creating all sorts of clothing all by my self!



Sunday, 1 November 2009


Another Fashion Week is taking place these days! Athens Xclusive Designers Week or as called AXDW!...Fellow bloggers AleccaRox, FashionPaths and FashionArchitect have already posted photos from various shows. On the other hand, i'm not quite open to seeing everything that is shown (aesthetic stubborness is my thing) so i chose to watch and take pics of only one runway that was held yesterday and that i was sure from the beggining that would make me smile! Also for the first time ever, i had a press pass as i now work officially for ErmouMag site and i had the first-row experience with celebrities dressed up in Theia all around me!!

THEIA (aunt in english) is Theodora Provopoulou. Yesterday she presented her first official collection but was quite known even before that, more importantly for her famous corsets and old fashion robe-dresses that has created in the past! I have to say that i enjoyed every minute of this show! As all viewers were searching for their sits, a model dressed in an old fashioned bathing suit, sat on a towel and started reading a magazine in the middle of the runway preparing all guests for what was about to begin! Music started and careless models came out dancing and sending kisses to the cameras and viewers! Corsets once again was the main attraction but pastel-colored dresses proved that THEIA can present a complete collection that is well-themed, well-organized and well-presented!

Of course, with clothes like that Theodora couldn't be bad dressed and after the show ended she posed for all photographers in her black and white dress and amazing hairstyle that stole my heart!

you can find THEIA clothes at Ippokratous 66 (+30 210 3600 449) and more info at

*all photos taken by me, if used please CREDIT!


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