Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Sartorialist Post

I must confess...I'm lazy in doing online shopping...That's why despite the fact that I wanted truly-madly-deeply the Scott Schuman's book, I didn't bought it immediately after it's release! Instead, I waited patiently for the Greek bookstores to get more educated and bring it home for me!
And it was actually worth waiting! Yesterday morning I woke up and the Sartorialist book was lying next to my bed (oh I love gifts!)
This book is a true source of inspiration! I definitely recommend it although I wish it had more pics of my style obsession Yasmin... Well, there is always hope that Garance' will do a book,too!

Happy rest of the weekend folks!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The One instead of Two...Shoe Story!

What happens when instead of two only get one?!?! I'm laughing and laughing from the moment i read that article and I had to write this post immediately!

As bloggers sometimes we have the chance to receive "gifts" from clothes companies in order to write our opinion on them or just in order to take some pics and let them go public. (With we..of course I'm not talking about the Greek blogging reality!) So..when Kingdom of Style received a shoe box from the brand "Simple Shoes" she expected the obvious! Two shoes that she would have the pleasure of trying on!!!...Well...NO!

"What actually happened is that Simple send her a shoe. That’s correct. One shoe. If you want to get really technical, they send her one shoe…and a shoe belonging to another blogger. Do two odd shoes constitute a pair?

There is a note which accompanies this ‘pair’ which, from what I can understand from my phone call to Queen Marie, instructs her to Tweet about having a shoe belonging to someone else, and hopefully the person who fits the shoe will read the Tweet and presumably say “oooh that’s my shoe!”.

Apparently this is all designed to encourage the bloggers to meet up, have coffee…and swap shoes. We have a problem – we don’t tweet. We don’t read tweets. Tweeting is of zero interest to us. Second problem, we live in Glasgow what are the chances of the other blogger also living in Glasgow? Zero. You couldn’t make this up! ...

Queen Michelle"

At last the second pair of shoe was found! Simple shoes had sent at StyleHighClub blog the other half and at the end -as Kingdom of Style didn't want the shoes- she completed the pair!!!!

In StyleHighClub's words:

"I was ever so slightly confused when I opened the parcel and found one Pinwheel and a non-matching shoe. The included instructions explained that I’d have to go on a wild treasure hunt via Twitter to locate my other half, which had been sent to another, unknown blogger.
I rather like the idea of connecting bloggers through a social network game, beats the usual soulless ‘here’s your freebie’. Although it would have been nice to be matched with someone a bit closer to home as London – Glasgow was just a tad too far to meet for a coffee!"

In the last six months companies have finally understood that social media actually serve them for good! The only problem is have to make them work!!! Offering a one-shoe-gift with no real instructions to people who don't live in the same place or don't even use twitter, doesn't seem thoughtfull!!! Well, I know what you are going to the final point they made it to connect the two girls and now even a Greek blogger is mentioning the brand!

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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Creative Sunday II

An IKEA visit and an embarrassment for not yet having completed my first Creative Sunday project made me use my sewing machine once more! I completed the bag in less than 2 hours and I actually wore it later on, showing it off proud faced !!!
Oh, and did I mention that it costed me less than 5 euros ?!?!?!
Now we're talking about recession-solutions!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

The return of the Nerds!

In an older post, Nina Malvada left me a comment asking me to make...this post! It's true, "nerd glasses" and the "librarian style" is back! Just google these two names and you'll see endless of photos and articles! So, i come to wonder what makes suddenly everyone interested in these glasses?
Even the person who's writing these words this very moment, is actually fond of this new trend (the last pic proves it-even if I wore these glasses just for a moment during the fashion week). Me, who always wears eye contacts and refuses to wear glasses for more than..the two seconds distance between the bathroom and the bed, now i find these glasses, cute!
Take Pandora for example! She is French! She blogs but became known mostly because Sartorialist and all the other Street-Style photographers loved capturing her images during the fashion weeks! She had a weird-quirky style that was based on two elements. Her red hair and...her black glasses! Then Devastee', a French small brand, showed a collection where models were wearing black glasses, too! And that was the moment that I started to realize that a new trend was emerging!
Endless bloggers embraced this new trend (like FadeToBlackNY that you see on the second pair of pics)! And because you'll rush to say that here in Greece this trend hasn't started yet or it will arrive in 2 years....Greek designer Theia wore glasses during our interview some months ago,LifeInAthens blogger Thalia appeared in a pic wearing glasses that she had borrowed from Clemmie during our first SwapNotShop party and as I have mentioned above...even I wore them during the last fashion week! Oh!
And now that I come to think about it...Barcelona-based designer Raquel Micola told me in our interview that she only designs while wearing glasses even thought she doesn't even need them!!!

So come on ladies! I think I gave you enough reasons -and pictures-to see the glasses in a new way! Make the Optics happy and start wearing...nerd glasses!!!

p.s. As for what brand to choose..I find Ray-Ban the most appropriate but you can also find retro sunglasses, take their lenses off, and add the new lenses back on! ; ),, devastee', lifeinathens,

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

String by Sonia Rykiel

For one more time I'm going to say it...Fashion is art! It's not only about mass trends and sales!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Derek Cardigan

Derek Cardigan is a "Spectacled boy who loves to draw cute, charming, beautiful things"! Among these "things" are catwalk images that he interprets in a funny and colorful way in his blog!!! Fifi Lapin started it all, some of you are going to say, but I can't see anything bad in it at all!!!

The "Save Luella" illustration is my personal favourite but you should check Derek's blog (link here) as I found rather amusing the conversation between two Alexander Wang models, too!!!

(p.s. the collages are made by moi and I would rather to be credited this time, in case anyone else is going to get inspired by my work again! check here and here and you will understand what I'm talking about!!! lol!)


Saturday, 9 January 2010

Oops! I fell in the Dior way!

Random post but with a certain (painful) reason!...DAY 1: here i am drinking and chatting with my friends when in a certain moment I stand up. The chair that i was sitting decided to fall behind and out of nowhere I found myself lying on the floor! Of course everybody laughed and some fashionable friends even spoke the following comforting lines "Even Carrie Bradshaw has fallen down, so don't worry"!
Day 2: still with a pain in my back and while doing my regular thing (read fashion blogs..of course) I find a rather funny post in the refinery29 site! When life plays that sort of games you just have to...go with the flow!
So here it is, my "models falling" post especially dedicated to.... ME (if you allow me)!

It's actually funny to watch the above images but I have to say that i sympathize all these models and i find it right to actually have the choice to say no to "shoe cruelties". If the models hadn't fallen at the Prada Spring 2009 show, Miuccia wouldn't consider of making the shoes more comfortable! Also, i found Abbey Lee Kershaw, Sasha Pivovarova and Natasha Poly quite brave for declining to walk the McQueen's spring 2010 show after they took one look at the Allien shoes! So, pleazz designers be more rational and "models-friendly" and ......

Personally speaking, I can actually feel their pain right now!!!!

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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Ruby's Winter Pastels

Ruby label comes from a place that i happen to find magical! And that is just because when in school I had a classmate that had half of the origin that i'm talking about and always told us stories of the endless forests and the amazing nature of her country! So...that's the first thing that comes to my mind when someone talks of New Zealand!
Deanna Didovich comes from this country and I absolutely adored her clothes for Autumn-Winter 2010! It's actually one of the first collections that made me forget about the Spring ones (that I'm so into at the moment) and made me focus on what I'd love to be wearing these few more-cold-months! Of course the colors are all pastel just like the hottest Spring 2010 trend....but.. who said you can't wear pastels even during Winter?! That will definately make the transition easier, haah??
So, enter Deanna's site and check even the rest of the collection as...all clothes-with no exception-are painfully cute and perfect!


Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Fashion hungry!

Of course you know that I am a fashion freak!...So you have to expect that my friends already know that little fact as well! As festive season is finally coming to an end and as i received my very last presents for this past year, I came to the conclusion that my friends surely found the BEST presents for my case this year!

So..from top to toe...
1. Fashion magazines Elle and Vogue UK from a friend that visited Athens from London bringing back these cuties
2. a fashion...children's book (yes it actually exists!) called The red shoes with the most amazing illustration and story!
3. Top Tips for Girls (a book that Donatella Versace herself announced as "fantastic") and of course...
4. The BIBLE! Who What Wear- The Book that specially arrived today from New York City thanks to another beloved -male this time- friend !!!!!

Oh I so love all these friends of mine who keep on feeding my huuuge appetite for books , children's illustration and of course most of all....Fashion!!!

p.s. for no misunderstanding, I actually love all my friends who found the time to buy for me any kind of presents this Christmas!!!!

Monday, 4 January 2010

it was a very good year!

I'm one of those (few people) that actually thought that 2009 was a very good year! For that reason...I still need a few more days off in order to find some good 2010 resolutions!... and an excuse to not change that festive banner of mine!!!
Anyway....I want to thank each and everyone of you that visited, re-visited, blogloved and still keeps following this blog! I hope that 2010 is going to be even better and more exciting for all of us!!!

Happy New Year

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