Monday, 29 March 2010

Evangelos Kavathas is not Fragile

Evangelos Kavathas was the reason that I put on my highest heels and run to see his show yesterday afternoon!

Despite the fact that this was his first-ever-catwalk-show, the line that was presented was FULL! Full of all the necessary things that make a collection complete. The theme was well-shown, the lines of clothes had a very specific form and the color palette consisted only of 3 or 4 colors.

Simplicity is a key factor for young designers but only a few of them really get it! Most of them, just want to impress but impression won't make a girl imagine herself inside the clothes! And Evangelos succeeded in that! I could imagine myself in the clothes but more importantly I could imagine also other women wearing his creations!

That's why despite the collection's
"Fragile" theme, I agreed with the card that I found at my seat! The collection was " A collection without any unnecessary sophistication" ! And that's what impressed us all!

p.s. Chloe has done an amazing job photographing each piece separately! Check her post here!

Angelos Bratis FW 10/11

It's 3 o'clock and I already cleaned up my room from all the Fashion Week outfits that I wore -or did not wear- these 10 days, made the Zoulias post and now this one!...So don't expect me to say lots of words..

Angelos Bratis is one of the designers I have always admired and if you take a look at his CV you'll immediately see that there is a good reason for that!

As far as his Fall/Winter 2010-11 collection, I can only say that I still have it in my mind and that when the girl with the sequined silver dress and the white shirt appeared I almost gasped! Have to agree with YouStrikeMyFancy...there was
"not a single one outfit that i wouldn’t wear" !

all images courtesy of TheSoHoSymposium, if used please credit

The Zoulias way...

I know you expect me to write more about the Zoulias collection but I'm only going to focus on one thing...the gloves! I adored them! Give me those brown ones and I'll love you instantly!

Mr Zoulias still lives in the '50s even though we have way passed the '00s! Don't blame him for that...Romanticists should never seize to exist!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Yiorgos Eleftheriades AW10-11

Yesterday was the most interesting of all Fashion Week days! I was at Gazi from 5 a.m till 9 a.m. and all shows that I watched were really well done! (yes, my tired feet also agree on that despite the pain)

BUT...Favorites are favorites so the first post of the 3rd FWA day is dedicated to the amazing senior Eleftheriades!

The AW 10-11 was under the "Urban Hunters" theme and in the words of the press release, the collection was all about:

"Well defined silhouettes with sculptural cuts and unexpected placement of volumes. The main colors were air force blue, mushroom grey, dark marine, tanned olive and black. As for the textures... leather, kidassia and mongolian fur, cashmere, merino knits, jersey, advanced denim and some other luxurious fabrics were used to complete the collection!"

The collection had all the essentials for an urban chic Autumn/Winter outfit! I'm not so sure abour the mongolian fur parts but the mix of leather and knits and the unexpected placement of volumes were the parts that I most loved about this collection!

Sotiris Georgiou, Emmanuel Zoulias and Mi-Ro are about to follow this post later on tonight! Now I have less than an hour to get ready for our new talent Evangelos Kavathas!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

DElight my Autumn/Winter!

DElight presented today their collection for Autumn/Winter 2010-11 and I was once backstage to help the girls!!!

The geometric forms were once again to be seen- they slowly are becoming a DElight trademark and the color palette consisted only of 3 colors! As for the accessories, fur gloves (that the models kept after the show as a gift!), over the knee socks and Bershka black shoes completed the looks!

...It's like a DElight tradition! Last year the models wore Zara shoes and this year Bershka! And don't tell me that they shouldn't because the shoes looked fantastic and at least this way you get to see how a designer's look can actually be in-budget and wearable!

The highlight of the evening was the protest stickers (made by graffiti artist Drek the Pirate) that we all wore (including me and Thalia) as a reaction to the unfair loss of THE plastic octopus...May it rest in peace!

see coverage of THE octopus here, here and here

all images courtesy of SoHo Symposium, if used please credit

Friday, 26 March 2010

Evangelos Kavathas invitations!

The Athens Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010-11 has officially started yesterday and till Sunday we are going to see some very interesting names!

One of them is last year's Next Generation contest's winner Evangelos Kavathas that is presenting his first ever catwalk show this Sunday at 18:00!

SoHo Symposium has received some invitations especially for you!! If you want to attend the show just email me at in order to win your oh-so-precious-seat at the catwalk!

pic is borrowed from Evangelos Kavathas Spring/Summer Collection Vibrant Dusk!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

In Zurich for 1,5 day!

So, here is the post that explains everything! I skipped AXDW's last two days in order to I travel to Zurich!

Civitas PR agency has invited me, John Karakatsanis from, Panagiotis Marketos from PC Magazine, Maria Papagrigoriou from the OhSoChic duo and Maria Lemonia from ANT1 radio in a highly confidential meeting, almost two weeks ago! They informed us about something that eBay was about to launch but as no one could reveal more...I couldn't either!

I learned everything when I arrived at Zurich! eBay launches the eBay International Market (visit the site here) and we would be the FIRST to see how it works! Also, along with two more countries, Norway and Czech Republic we were the only three countries that were invited to Zurich in order to meet the eBay team in person! The rest of the Internation Market participating countries are going to have a local launch!

So my dear are actually the first ones to hear the news!!! exists from today and you can buy your favorite items online without worrying about who ships to Greece and who doesn't! All items are gathered for you, in a fixed price (no actions) making your life much easier!

After the presentation, we took part in eBay International Challenge! The three countries competed against each other to win the top prize!..Well it was not a real competition! It was more of a fun process of viewing the new site and a fun game where we had to find the perfect gifts for a 4-member family with a maximum budget of 150€!
In the Norway team, there was also co-fashion blogger Lena from! I was really exited to meet her in person as she is the first FashBlogger outside Greece that I ever meet! Also I was really happy to see that eBay has not chosen only the usual media to present their new site but also Fashion Bloggers!

The challenge lasted for about an hour, and guess who was the winner!!!!

The Greek team!!!! The price was 100€-worth vouchers in order to do our online eBay shopping!!! Cool haaa?!?!!

I want to thank eBay for this unique chance to view exclusively the new site and for the hospitality!
Also Civitas GR for the support and for choosing me as one of the participating team!!!!

4Fashion Shake!

No I wasn't kidnapped by the aliens and oooh yes I'm back! Unfortunately I can't yet reveal the reason why I didn't attend the last two days of the AXDW, the only thing I can tell you now is that tomorrow another post is coming and it's all about my absence and my oh-so-quick trip to Zurich!!!
I arrived back late last night and today I wish I could just take a few seconds to relax but Ozon's 4FashionShake was held and I HAD to be there!

Odeur, Stockholm-based designer duo, was the first to present their work but as I forgot to take my own camera, I borrowed another one! Last minute I realized that I didn't know how to use it, so most of the pics came out blurry! I post one of the blurry images just because I find it rather artistic for some reason!!! The second pic is still from the Odeur catwalk! The models were really close to us and I managed to snap the pic of the model looking straight to me!

Following Odeur, was the video presentation of Mastori*Motwary Studio! No words needed for the short video that they presented! I think you know by now my love for their work and aesthetic !!! As a tribute to them, tonight I also wore my Filep Motwary dress-second time that I ever wore it after my graduation day!

Next was Levi's-Jean Paul Gaultier show but my fellow fash bloggers kept me good company, so I decided to skip it and go straight to the last catwalk for the evening- that of Digitaria! Eleftheria Arapoglou is known for her love for strong silhouettes so the collection was full of that! The main colors were black with strikes of beige and grey! I made a quick Photoshop collage just to show you some of the pieces!

Another night came to an end! It's amazing how happy I am for attending the shows with my fellow fash bloggers! We may seem like a "gang" but it's always nice to know that you have people with mutual tastes around you!

As a goodnight, here's a photo of me, Despina Isopoulou (also dressed in Motwary), Thalia and Christiana!

Till tomorrow,


Monday, 22 March 2010

SATC @ The Box!

When you receive an invitation like this one...

"WhiteBox & Razzmatazz invite you
to a fun fashion afternoon dedicated to the Iconic SATC!

Razzmatazz by Sophia Tsopela will be presenting her unique Tutu designs

& many Whitebox designers will create unique accessories inspired by the series!

We will be styled by Sophia & Marika as our favourite character

with finishing hair & make up touches by Kiriaki
watch episodes of the stylish Sex and the City,
....and of course sip Cosmopolitans and enjoy being girls!"

it is really hard not to accept!... So despite the fact that I spent almost all my weekend at the Xclusive Designers Fashion Week, I decided that I HAD to -at least- go to Whitebox and see what this was all about!!! From the moment I entered the elevator, I got into the "Sexy mood"! Then I got into the BOX and I saw my fellow fash bloggers Chloe and Nina dressed up in tutus!!! That was IT!

It was a really funny event! Basically everyone wanted to dress up like Carrie although there were a few Samantha's too!!! There was even a girl that told me that I was "the best Carrie" and she made me so happy that I forgot to even ask her name...(stranger thank you!!! For a Sex and the City addict like me, that's the most flattering comment I ever heard)

Thalia joined us later on and at the end everyone wondered around in tutus and cosmopolitans in hand!!!

Surreal but Sexy!! We all got Carri-ed away!!!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

AXDW- Day 1

These are just three snapshots of what went on the first day of the Athens Xclusive Designers Week! Didn't manage to attend all shows as I had to leave early and as all shows were at least an hour delayed from what was programmed!

The first show was that of EGW Weekly magazine and Celebrities and Fashion tips were the main themes! As I'm not so into the Greek Celebrities scene I can't name the celebritomodels, I can only say that I think they really enjoyed catwalking at the sound of Lady Gaga's latest hit! The moment that caught my attention was when one of the models wore an Alexander McQueen dress and at the board appeared "in memory of Alexander McQueen"! Nice but kind of spooky!

Next was Miltos, all about Beethoven and his Victorian-like dresses!...! The average age of the crowd attending was at least 40 years old and I think that is the reason why we saw so many gowns!

As for us bloggers we were almost all there! I also have to tell you that I managed to wear stripes and florals ( stripy t-shirt and floral scarf) and that I wore my blue socks with my pink pumps!!! Quite playful outfit and for some reason I kept looking at my feet!!! =))

Lads, off I go! AXDW second day starts in a few hours!!!

last pic borrowed from Chloe in the Sky

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Combine me

These days I'm discovering how seemingly non-matching textures can have a great final result. That happens with the combination above shown and that happens with another new trend I'm willing to explore...Florals and Stripes!

Fashion Weeks are approaching people! Time to spice up our wardrobes!

source:bijouandruby.blogspot taken from vogue australia

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Miaou Wesley!

It always excites me to find the inspiration of certain collections! That is maybe because when at Saint Martins one of the first things that we learned was that the theme of a collection is the most important thing! It's not the fabrics, it's not the technique used but a theme can actually upgrate a whole collection!

So when I found that the theme of MiuMiu's Spring collection was the artist John Wesley I immediately googled him! I have read a lot of comments and I have seen two or three pics that "accused" Miuccia for luck of imagination when brands like H&M or Monki have already used certain motives such as the swallows before but it's like the joke with the egg and the hen! What comes first, we'll never know!!!

John Wesley produced his work in the 60's and although classified as a Pop artist, Wesley himself considered his work to be aligned with Surrealism!
At Fredericks Freiser Gallery site, I found that Mr. Wesley’s longtime palette consisted of nursery pinks, blues and crisp additions of black! (Sounds like the MiuMiu color palette was just found!)
Another interesting find is that Fondazione Prada during 2009 has sponsored "an anthological excibition curated by Germano Gelant, of the American Artist -tadaaa- John Wesley in parallel with the Venice Biennale!" At the Fondazione Prada's site it is also noted that the excibition was the larger and more complete exhibition ever realized on Wesley's activity!!

Sounds like Miuccia was really passionate about Senior Wesley don't you think?!!?!?

First and last set of pics is taken by miumiu site and are screenshots of the official video!
Second pic is by fashion spot and googled images on John Wesley's paintings!


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