Sunday, 17 July 2011

Travel diary

a quick stop in London...
and back on traveling!
...being a tourist is so much fun! These past days (hmm..should I say weeks?) I'm traveling non stop around Tuscany. No wonder why everyone loves this region, there are so many places worth visiting. So please don't be cruel with me, this blog was never supposed to be a travel blog but it's summer, it's warm, it's worth traveling more and caring less for your outfits...

Just put on a dress, your sandals and off you go! Right?

p.s. zara's changing room is another very exotic destination. especially when trying on those yellow platform sandals! what can I say, a fashblogger is a fashblogger.


  1. omorfa!! eidika i fwto me to pastry cake i oti allo einai!mu trexun ta salia!

  2. sawasdee ka.

    i come to visit naka.


  3. with your posts and pics i imagine i'm a tourist too. thnk you so much!



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