Sunday, 9 October 2011

Whyte_Bianco di Partenza

15 students from ISIA-Polimoda's Fashion Design course presented their creations a few days ago at the Contemporary Centre of Art EX3! Fellow students, teachers and the fashion crowd of Florence was there to see live the creations of the new designers!

As a teacher later mentioned to me ISIA is a more artistic institute and that's the reason why the 15 students presented more conceptual collections than stictly wearable ones. Here you can see my three most favorite collections.
Giulia Betti collection's name was 263 and was a mix of the Red Riding Hood and fairytale animal creatures!
Ieliena Mojarova with the collection "Wing Walkers" that was highly applaused
and the most wearable collection according to me, Sarah Proietti's Femdom
Each student had a unique theme, music soundtrack and presentation something that added extra points to the whole event!
Last picture taken from ISIA Design official site.

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