Sunday, 29 July 2012

flower power

Ouaah, time flies! Well, for the last couple of months I think and rethink about this blog, and it always comes to my mind a certain interview that I once gave along with other fellow bloggers. Then they had asked us, when do we find the time to blog. And the answer was 'a minute during the day or at night'! Well, goodbye old me, now I can't find the time to even respond to my mails! So as this blog was never a 'personal style' one or a 'fashion news' other, I find that I'm lacking of the time that I once had for finding interesting things around the wwweb. -not that they don't exist, or that I don't find them, only that I don't find the will to post them!

Some days ago I turned 26. And one of the things that I promised myself was to not let down of this 'baby'! So...until I find my rhythm and as summer vacations are across the corner, I leave you with these beautiful images of the Raf Simons' DIOR couture show. Some said that the setting was of no need but for me it was a certain dream that finally came true thanks to the new circumstances and possibilities...and to dreams we trust!

source: bureaubetak blog


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