Monday, 6 July 2009

in alber elbaz words

source: 2007


  1. i agree it's time for new things although i love the passed periods

  2. it was about time...but again fashion is like history , or better fashion is part of history and history tends to repeat itself one way or another...

  3. elpzio odos na doume kapia stigmi kati kenourio...ala kati mou lei gia anakiklosi pali:(

  4. I think the concept of "new" is so jaded and used it seems kinda "old" to me. I feel much compelled by the concept of "true". I know... philosophical bable. I am good at it though.

  5. it's true fashion is always related to history but i found really interesting what Elbaz said not only because he is one of the designers that actually make an impact but also because he said what he said 2 years ago!
    and as i was thinking i saw that in some extent he is right!
    just check Gareth Pugh and Sandra Backlund!! their designs are actually NEW!

  6. Hi darling!!!
    How are u?
    Hope you are enjoying the the FEDORA!!
    ciao ciao from Italy!!!
    Kisses G*



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