Friday, 3 July 2009

bdays and bad studying days

we are in the middle of summer-OFFICIALY! sun, sea, mojitos by the beach and all those things that make summer in greece ideal! And while some of my friends have already started their vacations or their plans for vacations i'm in the middle of my summer exams. (hopefully the last ones of my university "career"). So as you can imagine, i can't enjoy summer in the city yet! what i can do is take small breaks from my studying and try to make the most of them! Yesterday it was Kosmos Festival and some days ago was the bday party of a friend of mine!
After spending so many hours at home studying, i've developed a new unhealthy habit,of being a lazy-dresser! thank god it's summer and all you have to do is throw on a little dress and your favourite gladiator sandals and off you go!
This was the outfit i wore for the bday party!


  1. sometimes simplicity is way better than elaborate dressing!!!
    looking gorgeous hon!!

  2. opos to les akrivos!de xreiazesai tpt perissotero gia ena oraio look opos kai ekanes!

  3. sumfwnw me ta koritsia,great simple outfit and pic :) k kouragio me tin exetastiki!

  4. I love your blog,....maybe you will like my blog also, visit me!!

  5. uperoxo forema glukeia mou aporw giati dn mu ebgale enhmerwsh oti exeis postarei kati new kai to da mazi me to parapano post!!

  6. thank you girls! oooh i'm so busy these days i can't even find the time to comment back at everyone!!
    lot's of love!

  7. poso maresi to forema pou ine toso aplo k aerino...
    (idika me fodo to dilino apo piso..)

  8. @nina_malvada einai apo tis agaphmenes mou pics...mhden photoshop! ola ta xrwmata einai fysika!!!!



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