Monday, 19 July 2010

Courtney loves blogging!

I've already tweeted it three days ago but I 'm still perplexed whether I like it or not! One thing's for sure, Courtney Love has a fashion blog (although she is just sending the -sometimes crappy- pics and another one is running it) and a love for Givenchy! Another thing that I didn't know is that Panos Yiapanis is her stylist!

If even Courtney can take "fashion blogger" pics and then label every item that she wore, imagine how many celebrities will follow! Mary Kate if you're reading this, please do a fashion blog, I'll be your most loyal reader!

And in case you were wondering....Courtney is wearing Tom Ford shades, Miu Miu skirt and shell top paired with Louboutin mules.
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  1. A lot of celebrities seem to jumping on the fashion blogging wagon lately! They're jealous of our fame I guess:P

  2. (you mean louboutin?) Well I am not so enthusiastic about this one! I would prefer Alexa Chung! i like the fact though that fashion blogging becomes a means for celebrities to express themselves! ;)

  3. thanks sweetie I've corrected it! Alexa Chung has already done her first steps on blogging and I absolutely loved it!

    check this out:

  4. How cool is that? Thanks! Had no idea!

  5. I love to hate Courtney. I had the 2 first Hole records. I also liked celebrity skin. I loved the new single. I just think she should stop flaunting this new "preppy"look. it's kinda wrong on her.

  6. She's still alive?



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