Monday, 5 July 2010

Balcony dots

I recently realized that I haven't posted a proper outfit post for ages! So during the weekend I took advantage of me being alone in the house, for some quick pics just before I left for a drink!

Nothing special, just a Zara dotted pink dress, a scarf-belt and my beloved red Melissa jellies! This is my summer lazy "uniform"!...And speaking of lazy outfits, I realized that it has passed almost a year from this post! Amazing!
(the post appears different due to the previous lay out)

What's different? Instead of the long hours studying, I'm now spending long hours working from home! The unhealthy habit,of being a lazy-dresser, still remains!


  1. Πολύ χαριτωμένο το φόρεμα αλλά πιο πολύ μ' αρέσουν τα παπούτσια! Τα λατρεύω τα Mary Janes!

  2. megia to neo header!!!!!!

    gluka to foremataki, ma panw apo ola ta paputsakia!

  3. I love the combo of pink with red, I don't see it often, but it's so cute!
    And that scarf-belt adds that little extra something, to make that dress more special...

  4. thank you girls!!! I bought those Melissa's last season and still they are my favorite shoes! love them1

  5. So preppy :)
    Ταιριάζει απίστευτα με το backround~!

    check out sweety:

  6. Den tha elega lazy, tha elega relaxed!!! Emena mou aresei para polu auto to foremataki!!!!

    Oso gia to work from home kai oti sunepagetai xerw ti ennoeis! to exw kanei kai egw gia kapoio diasthma!

    Princess Margot

  7. το χω πεί!!!τα Melissa είναι θρησκεία...επίσης λατρεύω το συνδυασμό ροζ με κόκκινο..οπότε well dine my lady!!!

  8. liking it so much. the combination pink/red makes me craaaazy



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