Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Michael Zavros

this is the week that i'm discovering and remembering great Greek artists that live in Australia. Michael Zervos has an undeniable talent. I was firstly introduced to his work when i once found his "fashionable kentauros" images of half men-half horses that wore burberry prorsum, yves saint laurent or dior. and then not so long ago i've read at yatzer about his-then-new collaboration with balenciaga! (click here to read the yatzer article).
so after about 2 months, it had to be this particular afternoon that i saw this video that shows the whole artistic procedure of michael zavros balenciaga images! it's so lovely to hold a balenciaga bag-imagine designing one, too!

visit www.michaelzavros.com



  1. Amazing! Already sent the link to my boyfriend. Maybe he will want to quit normal graffiti and start painting Balenciagas instead?

    Where can we find his "fashionable kentauros" images?

  2. isn't he?!?! YES PLEASE maybe your boyfr could start by painting some attrativo or badila bags-clothes for a change!!!

    enter his site,you can find all images there!

  3. A Balenciaga motorcycle bag is on the top of my wish-list.... I love everything about this fashion house...

    and now I love Michael Zavros too!!!



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