Sunday, 8 August 2010


I'm back to Athens only for two days and I'm more than happy to leave again to the islands as the heat is unbearable!
These two photos were taken at a beach at Antiparos and the laziness of the outfit reflects the laziness of the moment! Well..when on vacation I cannot even think of stylish outfits, especially when on the beach! I just wear my bikini and my "pareo" and spend as more hours at the beach as I can!

That said, I googled the word pareo in search of other relevant words and I came across the wikipedia pāreu term! "The pāreu or pareo is the Cook Islands and Tahitian word for a wraparound skirt. The Tahitian pāreu are among the most colourful and bright of the Pacific. Originally flower patterns, the hibiscus flowers in particular, or traditional tapa patterns, were printed in bright colours on a cotton sheet. No pins, magnets or other means are used. Only when as dress worn around the neck or shoulders, ends are knotted together. "

A touch of Tahiti is never out of style I guess!


  1. this pareu can do double shift as a scarf in autumn, with a beige trench coat, no?

    have a refreshing holiday!


  2. ooohhh what an idea!!!!!! although I cannot even stand the thought of autumn with this heat!!

    kisses babe! have a refreshing holiday as well and we'll talk soon!

  3. looking at your photo makes me so jealous right now...
    i'm at work and it's so hot.. can't stand it.
    u look lovely btw!

  4. i like your incredible

  5. so lucky to be in Athens, girl! <3
    the pareu is so gave me an idea of a cute summer cover up =)



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