Thursday, 24 March 2011

Ippolito F/W 11-12

-people this is an EXCLUSIVE!...You are already familiar with Ippolito brand in this blog (just click here and here for yet-another quick reminder)!

It was almost a year ago when Pavlina Papailiopoulou opened her little boutique shop with her first leather bags and belts! Now it was about time to expand and prove us all right for supporting her (...and me in particular- I keep on telling her that I feel like a proud grandma but she doesn't believe me).

Two days ago she presented her Fall/Winter 2011-12 collection at the Athens Xclusive Designers Week and I was desperately trying to find some wifi at uni in order to read the first comments and see the first pics! Green as Pavlina's shirt from envy for not being there, at least I have to thank Jo (who must be delighted for her own "Jo" Ippolito bag by now) for her two posts especially dedicated to what happened backstage, on-stage and after-stage that night!

And people, I couldn't resist sharing with you my very own exclusive and private show of the brand new collection! Pavlina sent me the Fall/Winter lookbook some hours ago and it was actually hard for me picking only three bags! Of course these are my most favorite ones so...enjoy and don't forget to visit Ippolito store in Plaka and take a virtual tour at


  1. s'efxaristw :))))))))) einai teleio to post

  2. den tha itan teleio to post xwris teleies tsantes!

    cheesyyyyyyy! :PPPP



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