Friday, 4 February 2011

Ippolito welcomes Spring with a hik!

Well, I know that many of you expect Florence-inspired posts but the university seems to be a full-time job these days and during weekends I even have more work to do for the week ahead, so basically there's still no time for strolling around the city and finding cool stuff! Thanks the Internet-God though, the past couple of days Greek designers and brands have started presenting their new collections (or even Fall collections like Alexis in the previous post) and I can make a virtual list of what I'll buy when I come back for the Easter holidays!

You won't believe it but as days go by I'm more and more proud of the Fashion that we produce in Greece so please next time you visit Ermou in search of a brand new bag instead of shopping from the usual chains, turn left, head to Plaka and say hello to the new Ippolito collection that Pavlina Papailiopoulou has created for Sping/Summer 2011! The bags above are only some of my favorite and I'm already dreaming of Gina Midi (first bag-first pic)! For more info and the complete collection just click here.


  1. Haritinaki mou thank you! Honored :)
    The new collection will be in store from mid march. (maybe a bit later)
    tanti baci bella!

  2. These bags look both casual and chic! But, I wonder can a student afford them?! :o

  3. @Elpis it's always a matter of choice! Instead of buying 10 times from the usual chain brands you can just save your money and buy a good quality bag that you can then say it's also "made in Greece"! ;)

  4. Hari I don't disaggree with you but sometimes i wonder if it really worths the money. I mean what does it happen if you are bored of it?

    It would be nice for me to read your opion :$

  5. @ Elpis,
    thank you for your good words!
    first you can check the prices on the ippolito website,

    Ippolito is actually affordable, for it's quality and craftsmanship, not to forget that the production is very small, meaning that the pieces are unique. I try to make timeless designs, which means classic silhouettes that go with everything, day and night and can be carried through the passage of time... ippolito is all about that!

    I don't know if the prices are affordable for students.. Student pocket money varies. Are you one of these students that their mom takes them shopping and they have everything settled? ..or one of those who work night shifts to pay for their tuition? just for you to think, not that i want an answer but if the second one is your case I would consider that an outgoing happy student life is more fulfilling than a shopping spree :)

  6. Well, Pavlina, these bags are not so much expensive as I believed!

    Anyway, really nice job! Well done! :D

  7. @Pavlina thanks for responding girl! I couldn't agree more with you!

    @Elpis glad Paylina answered personally to you! I also want to add that when I'm posting about brands or designers I try to pick the most "value for money" ones.

    Sometimes it's better to have in mind that clothes are more expensive because of the small collections and the costs they carry than thinking that designers are trying to make more money out of them..

    As for your worry if you will get bored of the bag after a while, well it depends on you.. Personally I always love more the items that I saved money for a long time in order to buy them. ;)

  8. Hari I agree with you that quality is more important than money. I like buying things that i will use for more than one year and this is because i adore permanency!

    Any way, thanx for your infos and your time :)



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