Monday, 28 March 2011

Myrto Stamou F/W 2011-12

Myrto Stamou is yet another familiar name! She was actually the first person that I ever interviewed in this blog (see here) and I am quite proud of the fact that back in June 2009 she won the first award of the UK Graduate Fashion Week.

As she told me last year, her aim was to return back to Greece and try and see how things can work from here. And that's what she actually did! Her Fall/Winter 11-12 collection is now ready and you get to see the lookbook of the outcome in the set of pictures above!

As she mentions in the press release:

"Fascinated by Jareck Kubicki’s nude photography the designer explores the depiction of woman’s figure in art and fashion and creates a collection that exaggerates the morphology of the body.

For autumn 2011 Myrto Stamou focuses intensely on leather which she treats as a second skin in order to bring the shaping of bones to surface. Three dimensional leather constructions combine with Grecian draping on dresses that sensually follow the curves of the female figure or find their way on structured pieces to intensify their shape. "
Grecian drapes and Modernly treated leather are quite an interesting mix, don't you think? And beside that fact, I can actually recognize Myrto's aesthetic if I compare this collection with her graduating one which is really important when talking of a young designer! All young designers should have their own unique trademark.... something!

Visit and discover more of her work and world!


  1. i like her designs!! esp the 1st one from the 2nd line!:)

  2. beautiful lines and shapes!



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