Saturday, 2 April 2011

Dimitris Petrou /Θeros

Dimitris Petrou is ready to present his Spring/Summer 2011 collection in just 10 days from today (April 12)!

Last season his collection only consisted of grey garments but the different textures made them all interesting and not boring at all! For the lucky ones that were there, the show was so different and unique that we all talked about it even weeks and months after...

The refreshing part was that instead of the usual catwalk, we saw a video, a live performance and models standing still in "random" parts of the stage. The audience was standing in the same height level as the models and we all felt part of the presentation. The AMP Gallery was also chosen wisely and it's the first time that I'm mentioning it, but as we waited outside for the doors to open, random people that lived in this area passed by and told us that they are really happy to see something good happening in their neighborhood.

The reason why I'm repeating parts of the post I did in October is because the designer is preparing something yet again inspiring and is emphasizing in a concept idea rather than a simple catwalk! The collection under the theme "Θeros" (harvest in English) is accompanied by this teaser video and some more interesting info:

The invitation will look like the cover of a book and the paintings of
artist Michail Tsakountis will be placed in the center of the cover. All copies will be signed by the artist.

The space installation will be developed by Yiorgos Assimakopoulos and it will resemble a farm land filled with hay, referring to a realistic farm.

Thiseion theater is chosen as the location of the presentation and in the foyer a bar will be placed where guests will be having welcome drinks (as well as afterparty ones).

No one will leave empty handed, either. MaxFactor as being the main sponsor, will be providing goody bags to all guests!

Harvest days and nights, summer boys and girls, the sun and the countryside....Spring is here after all!

pic source: screenshots taken from Haris Farsarakis' video

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