Saturday, 11 April 2009


and so i'm back! suitcase is still lying open full with summer clothes, the presents i bought are all over my room and i'm watching the photos we took over and over again..i'll start blogging as soon as i return not only fisically but also mentally from this trip!!! i still have the daiquiri taste in my mouth!!!! oooo cubaaaa....


  1. I hope you brought back THAT hat! And one extra for me perhaps???? :p
    Can't wait to hear how great it was and what you shopped!

  2. hahaa! exw eyxarista nea! to kapelo ekane thraysi stin kouva giati oloi nomizan oti to phra apo kei, parola ayta phga proetoimasmeni kai se enhmerwnw oti mporeis na to vreis ki esy edw!!!
    axilleas accessories!! ;)



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