Wednesday, 29 April 2009

the metal shoes of danube

so the other night i was reading Yalom's latest book, "i'm calling the police" where the subject is the Holocaust in Hungary when i just froze for a minute the moment i saw the picture above.
in the first look, without looking what was written at the bottom of the page i found the picture increadibly beautiful. me-the shoe maniac- i just loved how all these shoes were put near the edge of the river Danube. and then i read what was written at the bottom...
i don't remember the exact words but from what i found later that night at wikipedia "it is a memorial to the Budapest Jews who fell victim to the Arrow Cross militiamen in Budapest and depicts their shoes left behind on the bank when they fell into the river after having been shot during Word War II".
i just can't get over this picture

sources: google. wikipedia


  1. that is quite a bleak page in the book of history...
    bleak shoes next to a bleak river...



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