Wednesday, 22 April 2009

my mind is still on summer..

so weather during easter was more than perfect. a friend of mine even said that she saw greek girls (not tourists) walking around the center in flip flops,mini dresses and the top of their bathing suits as a bra (quite common during summer). .and that means one thing. summer is on the way and as i'm seeing everywhere pictures from the Coachella music festival that was held near Los Angeles and Palm Springs this past weekend, i can't stop thinking of the perfect look for the beach. A look that will get you through the day, that will be effortless but at the same time strong enough to make a statement. I know that during summer i will change my mind a lot of times as i will get excited with every look i'll find interesting looking the girl swimming next to me at the time, but for now i made my conclusion. The girl in the left of the picture has the winning look!


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  1. Pws mporw na er8w se epafh mazi sou? Please mail me at agathou{at!}

    Amalia Agathou, Glamour Magazine



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