Monday, 19 April 2010

The anatomy of a Chanel window!

Despite being an Athenian, I'm almost never interested in checking Boukourestiou str where all the high end brands have their stores! In Barcelona though, the Barcelonian "Boukourestiou" Paseo de Gracia was quite near to our hotel and we walked up and down the street many times! It was a true revelation to look at the shopping windows and in some cases it was as enjoyable as looking at those Gaudi buildings!

Chanel window was one of those windows that caught my eye! Let's just leave behind the hayloft theme -not even tell me about the chanel bags inside the "supermarket baskets"! I was mostly amazed by the fact that the dummies were not only dressed head to toe in Chanel but they even had THOSE tattoo's and this season's nail polishes on them, too! Don't know about the lipstick but something tells me that the color is equal to the ones you can find in stores this very moment!
Now we're talking about advertising the entire collection!

For as I know the Chanel dummies were the most chic dummies around town!


  1. that's what I thought too! Their nails are painted in Particuliere!! Im so happy I got it :)
    Love the photos!!

  2. latreuw channel...
    9a mporousa na ka9omoun gia wres k na koitousa auti tn vitrinaa..

  3. Did they really paint the doll's nails with actual nail polish??? Is it removable? Having worked in setting up a clothes' store, I know these dolls cost lotsa money. It is highly unlikely for anyone, even a for an uber luxury brand like Channel, to buy new ones (or even new hands) every season.

    But I admire their total-control attitude!

  4. Gaudi and nude channel bag.
    What else do you need?

  5. @Lopi that's exactly why i made this post! We all know how much a dummy costs that's why I was so impressed to see the dolls wearing the actual naipolish and the tatoo's!

    they have to be removable!

  6. Hola chica! cute photos, if you can shoot more vitrines to check the spanish market. Hope you'll follow my blog

  7. I wonder how Chanel girls ended up in the barn?

  8. @Rdeco ...the same way Lily Allen ended up singing in the MIDDLE of the barn!!! =)))

  9. I'm almost never interested in checking Boukourestiou str where all the high end brands have their stores!

    it is interesting that you say that. there is smt about athens that kind of 'poops' on high end luxury fashion. i mean it looks out of place and irrelevant. i don;t know why. and it is smt that you notice in how athenians also dress ie poli xima, too casual, too street like...if you dress too chic in athens you look like an alien. we have different style rules here

  10. @Helena well done for finding particuliere, apparently its sold out everywhere, besides Greece that never even got here.. ragin!!!!



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