Friday, 9 April 2010

Fashion Bloggers Do's and Don'ts!

Now that a full blogging-year has passed, I often think of all the things that we have done (blog-wise) and I smile!
Last year I saw for the first time my face printed in a magazine (I sympathize Carrie Bradshaw when she looked absolutely horrible in that magazine cover). It was the first photoshoot I've ever done and I was stressed as hell! I certainly don't blame the photographer for that pose of mine!
Well...Now- a year later- I find it rather amusing that I went to a town nearby Athens in the middle of the night just to buy the magazine before it ever hit Athens stands!

That's why, Glamour will always be in my heart as the magazine who DID IT ALL! I may be the last of the gang to post about our April feature, but it's never too late for doing that, right? Danai Christopoulou asked me, Chloe, AleccaRox,QueenB and Elena about the Spring/Summer '10 trends we most loved and most hated and by reading the feature you'll get not only our answers but our style point-of-views as well! None of us answered in the same way and that's what I find the most interesting! 5 girls 5 styles! 10 things to love and 10 to hate!

My list goes on like this:

I most liked the pastel tones that I saw in many collections but I wasn't impressed with the return of the military look (boring..)
As for accessories, I loved Phillip Lim's red details but I completely loath the return of the clogs (I can't stand that clok-clok sound that they make)

Once again, THANK YOU Glamour!


  1. I don't understand this clog trend, too! It reminds me of those hideous dr Scholl sandals.

    Congrats for the Glamour publication ;)

  2. well done girls!!!go on!!!

  3. congrats! bravo sygxaritiria! Xairomai poly pou brika to blog sou!

  4. yes, yes, yes!
    i think the military look is boring too.
    com'on people, make love not war;)

  5. Congratulations!!!!
    Love your blog!!!!


  6. Congrats!You deserve it!
    I have something on my blog for you, you can check it out! xxx

  7. I just saw some military-print dresses in Mango the other day and all I could think of was HUH?

  8. Hello!I would like your opinion about my blog! Great work!

  9. Congrats!i loved your blog,you're doing a really great job!
    please check out my blog as well!

  10. girls thank you so much!!!

    especially to the new girls in da-blog-house!!! <3

  11. congrats on the feature!!!! this is awesome.

    I am on the fence about clogs, I would never wear them (me + wood soled shoes = broken neck) but I have seen them look cute on others. You are so right about the noise they make ...



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