Monday, 26 April 2010


I usually don't wanna make posts that I have already read in some other girl's blog and I'm sure you've already seen this and this post about the "Endyesthai" excibition! Whatsoever...I was really amazed when the curator of this exhibition Angeliki Roumelioti emailed me saying that she is reading my blog and giving me all the info for the clothes exhibition that is currently shown at Benaki museum.
Didn't want to write a post without having checked the exhibition with my own eyes and although I tried unsuccessfully during the Easter holidays to see the exhibition, the museum was then closed, so...this was my second attempt to see the Endyesthai collection!

I was really happy to see that the clothes chosen, were not only folklore Greek clothes! Modern Greek Designers had their own space and among the dresses that I really liked were the Chara Lebessi Deconstruction Crystal Dress, the Sotiris Georgiou Perplexity dress from his Winter 10-11 collection and the Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias 09-10 black dress!

Can't really focus on one part of the exhibition though, you really have to check the whole thing yourself as it was really well curated and you'll have the chance to see from a very close distance really important clothes. Some of them are the Delphos dress that was right beside the Sophia Kokosalaki white gown, the Chanel wool lady's suit, the "Bar" suit by Christian Dior (yes the own from the breathtaking 1947 New Look collection), the super mini Biba dress and even the Marc Jacobs silk dress for the Barack Obama presidential campaign!

As a conclusion I want to mention what I found written on a wall and thought it was really important:

"In presenting this collection-unique of its kind in Greece- and raising questions conserning the diverse reactions and interpretations of clothing, it is our hope that the exhibition will highlight the need to create a Costume Culture Museum in Greece"

all pictures are edited by me and are originally found at the PLI site


  1. Didn't want to write about it before I visit! I'll probably visit on a guiding tour! This Delphos dress that you introduced us! I want to check it closely!

  2. interesting infos as always Haritini!

  3. cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)

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  5. Great post! I visited as well and blogged about it a few weeks ago, such a beautiful exhibition!



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