Thursday, 8 April 2010

Teenage dirtbags!

With all this talk on recycling materials, eco fashion, vintage and second-hand, the world suddenly seems more creative!

I just found at Design*Spoon, the..trashbag work of artist Josh Blackwell! What he basically did was to take plastic bags (like the million ones you all have, piled in your kitchen drawers) and knit all kinds of motives on them! I don't think that these bags are for use but imagine you all went to the super market with that knitted bag of yours! That would be seriously funny....
And because you may think that trash can only be seen in art galleries....Marc Jacobs designed especially for Louis Vuitton the following bag that I think is now available at all LV stores!

Is it a new trend or what?



  1. Honestly I don't know how to react seeing this Vuitton bag; smile? lol? disgust?!? Hate it when fashion plays mind games with my pitiful little brain >(

    By the way, I recently found your blog and I love it!

  2. ok, i cut out this article myself to post about it sometime...i didn't really like that older concept when Vuitton did the market bags with the logo..(remember the plaid plastic bags around athinas street?)
    ...i know these both are an attempt at social comment with a spash of self irony, but still...the underlying message is that people will buy anything with a logo on it ;(

  3. @Cbsg5861: thank you so much! I'm really happy that you discovered it, wait for my comments at your blog soon! =))

    @Jessica: i completely agree with you but i often think that it's always the way you choose to see things!
    either you judge someone because he/she bought a "garbage bag" that costed $2000 or you admire him/her for playing with their look and the deeper meaning of a dirtbag! it depends on each person motives and you can never be sure until you ask them!! =))

  4. seriously more than $1000 for a garbage bag????
    i would not give more that $1....
    things that people come up with....

  5. I usuallu likes Louis Vuitton but that... Hmmm :(

    Ps. Xairetismata apo Finlandiaaa! :)

  6. coz im justa a teenage dirtbag baby!

    loved the bags, they look original!

    as xefugume epitelous apo ta vareta k xiliotypomena paterns twn megalwn oikwn!!!



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