Monday, 20 December 2010

Swap Not ZZZzzzZZZZ!

I've been there from the very first Swap-ping! Today more than a year later, Swap Not Shop girls Thalia, Clemmie&Melroy changed the "crime" place and presented one of the most organized events so far!

This Swap took place at ATOPOS Cultural Organization and the installations of the French artist SHOBOSHOBO "ZZZzzzZZZZ" could be seen in the entire building! It was actually more than funny for me to watch all these girls grabbing new clothes from the bodies of these weird colorful creatures! It was as if these creatures had clothes of their own to offer! What else do you need on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Wine, friends, music, clothes AND an installation to please your mind and imagination!

As for me, I left 2 hours later with a beautiful grey knit in hand! Yeah!

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  1. bravo girls...teleios o SHOBOSHOBO...thelw na kanw voutia sta rouxa...kai edw omws den pige pisw to party!



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