Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Glamour Magazine

so it was time you saw my face!!! (although i have to admit that the photo here is not so representative! blame my stressed-shy-open mouth trying to smile!!)
I've been featured among 4 other amazing Greek co-bloggers in Glamour magazine's June issue that hit the stands today! Co-bloggers are Alecca Rox, Lopi from Fashion Architect, Aris and Alkisti of Streetgeist and Queen B.

Yesterday night I was in total shock when i opened the magazine and saw my name printed in page 100 of Glamour! Amalia Agathou did an amazing job and i cannot describe how thrilled i am for giving me the opportunity to talk a little bit more about the fashion blogging scene and of course soho symposium!
The interview is in Greek and i would recommend that all you Greek-speaking ladies and gentlemen go and buy the magazine as you will learn a bit more about us fashion bloggers.
For the non-Greek speakers these are some parts of my interview:

-after the short-course in fashion design i did in Central Saint Martin's at 2004, i followed mainly British blogs such as Sussie's Bubble one. Soho Symposium started after my need to share with other people interested, news, photos and videos that i found daily and inspired me.
-Internationally fashion bloggers have succeeded in being recognised for their talent. Examples are the Sartorialist that photographed the DKNY Jeans campaign, Sussie Bubble that has become an editor for Dazed&Confused digital and Spanish amlul Gala Gonzalez that now among other things poses as a model!
-From the spring-summer 2009 collections i liked the high-waisted shorts of Chloe, the longer boyfriend jackets of Stella McCartney, the African look that Marc Jacobs has created for Louis Vuitton and the complete collection of Phillip Lim.

thank you Glamour!!!


  1. Congrats girl! I really loved what you wore in your picture and learning more about your blog. Amalia did an amazing job indeed. Cheers!

  2. congrats to u,too sweetie!! really laughed with you also mentioning the Chloe summer collection as one of your favorites and Sussie's Bubble as one of the first blogs you followed!! we think alike!! me like-yyyyy!!

  3. u look so cute!

    sinxaritiria girl!!!

    (elpizo na vro efkola to periodiko simera..)

  4. amazing outfit you are wearing...!!! congrats!!!

  5. @nina_malvada :8a to vreis paneykola, x8es pou ekana mia volta to exoun ferei ola ta periptera!!

    @all girls: thank you so much!your nice comments mean the world to me! :)

  6. one of the best things that happened in that shoot is that i got to meet you! imagine that...we must have passed next to each other at the corridors of Saint Martins but it seems that we had to meet here in Greece, at Glamour's studio:)

  7. Hey I guess you haven't checked your mails today.. Please contact me 'cause I need advice*

  8. Congratulations girl!!!! Einai apisteuto na blepw sunenteuksi sou se periodiko kai esena tin idia -me tin apisteuti fousta sou!!!!-. Xairomai polu pou eisai fili mou.. ta alla apo konta... ante kai sti Vogue!!!kisses!!!!



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