Friday, 8 May 2009

the photo and the geek

after the photo shoot was over, sadly life went back to normal again and yesterday i felt quite the geek as i had to study hard for a test i was having at the university... Believe me if i could, instead of writing what a country must do to reduce the equivalence or the interest-rates, i would write a whole essay trying to explain why oooh why Matthew Williamson chose to appear rising from a meteor crater, saying, "Well I haven't done it all . . . yet." in his new H&M ad!!

sources:tfs, fashionologie


  1. Hey, I saw that ad, it's fabulous!
    Don't forget, geeks are cool!

  2. i love the scene (and the dress) where Daria runs on the beach!!
    ok! i'll try to say it again and again "geeks are cool,geeks are cool,geeks are cool" till i believe it!

  3. i find geek chic very romantic and sexy! is that you on the photo?

  4. no! it's not me! she's a model called Madeline Kraghgic! i just love her geek look in this pic!



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