Sunday, 17 May 2009

Chanel Paris-Moscou PreFall 2009

if only i could be there..


  1. Did you mean Paris-Moscow? cause they look like porcelain russian dolls with these accessories and styling. Dreamlike fashion video!

  2. Coco Chanel was really intrigued by the Russian spirit in 1920's and Karl Lagerfeld used this fact as inspiration for the video he directed as well as for the Pre-Fall 2009 Chanel Collection!
    Moscou is the french name for Moscow!

    thanks for pointing that out 'cause in the beginning i was a little confused,too!

  3. Oh ok I didn't know!Merci beaucoup! Hey I have another question:Karl Lagerfeld is not aging at all? I can't understand how some people seem so ageless, like they have made a pact with someone...

  4. hahhaaa!! in a fashion Hogwarts he would be the Dumbledore!!! ageless and full of fashion wisdom!!! :DDDD



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