Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Fashion hungry!

Of course you know that I am a fashion freak!...So you have to expect that my friends already know that little fact as well! As festive season is finally coming to an end and as i received my very last presents for this past year, I came to the conclusion that my friends surely found the BEST presents for my case this year!

So..from top to toe...
1. Fashion magazines Elle and Vogue UK from a friend that visited Athens from London bringing back these cuties
2. a fashion...children's book (yes it actually exists!) called The red shoes with the most amazing illustration and story!
3. Top Tips for Girls (a book that Donatella Versace herself announced as "fantastic") and of course...
4. The BIBLE! Who What Wear- The Book that specially arrived today from New York City thanks to another beloved -male this time- friend !!!!!

Oh I so love all these friends of mine who keep on feeding my huuuge appetite for books , children's illustration and of course most of all....Fashion!!!

p.s. for no misunderstanding, I actually love all my friends who found the time to buy for me any kind of presents this Christmas!!!!


  1. who what wear: downloading it right now!!!!!!
    happy new year luv!!

  2. happy new year!!!!

    i'm back!

    lepon sou exo doulia...8elo post me brands optikon se retro style...!

  3. I'm so glad you like Top Tips!
    Kate Reardon

  4. @nina_malvada ok ok!! tha to koitaksw kai tha kanw oti kalytero mporwwww!!

  5. @Kate Can't actually believe that you are answering but THANK YOU very much for your comment!!! The book is great and soooo helpful!!!

  6. lovely blog!
    ki egw latreuw ta 3ena periodika modas. eidika apo UK kai promh9euomai arketa opote vrw se vivliopwleia me die9nh tupo.

    Q:3ereis an uparxei to WhoWhatWear se megala vivliopwleia ctn a9hna H' an ginetai na ginei paraggelia?


  7. @Evita Jackie thank you sooo much! poso xairomai pou vlepw tin blogo-fashion-oikogeneia na megalwnei!!
    loipon ap'oso kserw to whowhatwear dn yparxei stin athina, alla me paraggelia logika tha ginetai an kai apoti kserw apo tin karriera mou san vivliopwlis (lol) kanei peripou enan mina na erthei, opote an exeis pistwtiki, try the amazon way!

  8. to p.s. htan usefull and kind enough!;-)


  9. thank youu!
    ki egw xairomai polu! :):):)



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