Thursday, 7 January 2010

Ruby's Winter Pastels

Ruby label comes from a place that i happen to find magical! And that is just because when in school I had a classmate that had half of the origin that i'm talking about and always told us stories of the endless forests and the amazing nature of her country! So...that's the first thing that comes to my mind when someone talks of New Zealand!
Deanna Didovich comes from this country and I absolutely adored her clothes for Autumn-Winter 2010! It's actually one of the first collections that made me forget about the Spring ones (that I'm so into at the moment) and made me focus on what I'd love to be wearing these few more-cold-months! Of course the colors are all pastel just like the hottest Spring 2010 trend....but.. who said you can't wear pastels even during Winter?! That will definately make the transition easier, haah??
So, enter Deanna's site and check even the rest of the collection as...all clothes-with no exception-are painfully cute and perfect!



  1. is it a cheat if i make a tiny tiny little buy??????

  2. @Thalia YES IT IS! den thelw tetoia twraaaaa!! den lygizoumeeee!!!! (apla egw tha sou kanw to peirama pio dyskolo!!! 8a vriskw teloia rouxalakia just to test your resistance!!) mouaxaxxaaxaaaaa!!!

  3. ax..teliaaaa....latrevo ola ta coats!

  4. polu omorfa ola!
    pragmati polles fores exoun polu endiaferon fashion weeks xwrwn pou genika 9ewroume 'outsider'
    h Rumi tou fashiotoast exei paei kai exei kanei kapoia posts g tn empeiria ths ekei.

    xo Evita

  5. teleia ola...alla eidika auto to stylaki me kaltses mexri to gonato...pethainw!!!

  6. @Evita Jackie ki emena mou aresei poly na anakalyptw sxediastes apo xwres pou den fimizontai poly gia ton xwro tis modas!!! thanks gia to link!

  7. Poso m'aresoun ta pastel.Mou thimizoun poli Chanel fall/winter 09/10.
    Poli thilika k glika xromata :)




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