Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The One instead of Two...Shoe Story!

What happens when instead of two only get one?!?! I'm laughing and laughing from the moment i read that article and I had to write this post immediately!

As bloggers sometimes we have the chance to receive "gifts" from clothes companies in order to write our opinion on them or just in order to take some pics and let them go public. (With we..of course I'm not talking about the Greek blogging reality!) So..when Kingdom of Style received a shoe box from the brand "Simple Shoes" she expected the obvious! Two shoes that she would have the pleasure of trying on!!!...Well...NO!

"What actually happened is that Simple send her a shoe. That’s correct. One shoe. If you want to get really technical, they send her one shoe…and a shoe belonging to another blogger. Do two odd shoes constitute a pair?

There is a note which accompanies this ‘pair’ which, from what I can understand from my phone call to Queen Marie, instructs her to Tweet about having a shoe belonging to someone else, and hopefully the person who fits the shoe will read the Tweet and presumably say “oooh that’s my shoe!”.

Apparently this is all designed to encourage the bloggers to meet up, have coffee…and swap shoes. We have a problem – we don’t tweet. We don’t read tweets. Tweeting is of zero interest to us. Second problem, we live in Glasgow what are the chances of the other blogger also living in Glasgow? Zero. You couldn’t make this up! ...

Queen Michelle"

At last the second pair of shoe was found! Simple shoes had sent at StyleHighClub blog the other half and at the end -as Kingdom of Style didn't want the shoes- she completed the pair!!!!

In StyleHighClub's words:

"I was ever so slightly confused when I opened the parcel and found one Pinwheel and a non-matching shoe. The included instructions explained that I’d have to go on a wild treasure hunt via Twitter to locate my other half, which had been sent to another, unknown blogger.
I rather like the idea of connecting bloggers through a social network game, beats the usual soulless ‘here’s your freebie’. Although it would have been nice to be matched with someone a bit closer to home as London – Glasgow was just a tad too far to meet for a coffee!"

In the last six months companies have finally understood that social media actually serve them for good! The only problem is have to make them work!!! Offering a one-shoe-gift with no real instructions to people who don't live in the same place or don't even use twitter, doesn't seem thoughtfull!!! Well, I know what you are going to the final point they made it to connect the two girls and now even a Greek blogger is mentioning the brand!

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  1. Haha! Weird... Hari ti les gia dimiourgiko s/k spiti mou? exw pei kai sth thaloura kai sti nina kai perimenw apantisi...filia!

  2. i wish this would happen for us greek bloggers too ,,,,with two shoes off course lol



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