Thursday, 14 January 2010

Derek Cardigan

Derek Cardigan is a "Spectacled boy who loves to draw cute, charming, beautiful things"! Among these "things" are catwalk images that he interprets in a funny and colorful way in his blog!!! Fifi Lapin started it all, some of you are going to say, but I can't see anything bad in it at all!!!

The "Save Luella" illustration is my personal favourite but you should check Derek's blog (link here) as I found rather amusing the conversation between two Alexander Wang models, too!!!

(p.s. the collages are made by moi and I would rather to be credited this time, in case anyone else is going to get inspired by my work again! check here and here and you will understand what I'm talking about!!! lol!)



  1. I love Fifi Lapin, but his illustrations are adorable as well!! :)

  2. i love the first collage so much! very inspiring! :)

  3. Thank you natalie and Natalie!!!!!


  4. psifizw Save Luella...apla teleia...gia happy happy happy meres..
    o syndyasmos xrwmatwn kai oi grammes einai foveres :D

  5. oh so lovely, great job darling! I will most definitely be checking out his site!



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