Friday, 14 May 2010

Art Athina!

Yesterday it was rather a long day! First it was the Valuecom Fall/Winter preview and then together with fellow bloggers we headed to the opening of Art Athina Fair! Last year I didn't have the chance to attend the exhibition but this year everyone said that it was even regrets!

What I really enjoyed was that lot's of people attended, with the majority of them being very well dressed (actually I felt like a little child that wants to absorb all the information around...clothes, paintings, shoes, installations, bags, performances..all at the same time!) As it was really crowded I couldn't take any proper pics so these are only four of the paintings that caught my eye!
Unfortunately I don't know the name of the artist who did the first art piece (you only see a close-up on the collage that I made using the Art Athina logo) but if I'm not completely wrong, it can be found at A1 stand! The second installation is by well-known artist Pavlos and the dress was simply amazingly created! You can also see the detail on the next pic! As for the last two sets of pictures, the first painting was by artist Vasmoulakis (I bet you already know him) and the last one is from critically acclaimed tattoo artist, Scott Campbell taken from the "Dollar Art" set! As Artemis of the Lab mag informed me, they were created by laser etching stacks of $1 bills! F%#^%ng awesome!

all photos taken and edited by me-if used please credit


  1. A, me eida, teleio!!!Ayto me tous tsoliades einai toso epityximeno pou tha mporouse na einai k i afisa!

  2. Interesting! Thanks for following! Love your blog! Keep it that way...

  3. So sad I missed this! I like your blog!

  4. hey hari this dress by Pavlos was one my favorites pieces too!!! great pics & report lady!!

  5. Amazing photos..So dreamy..;)))



  6. Really like them all! Good job!


  7. argk!!! θελω κι εγω art athina!!!



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