Wednesday, 26 May 2010

In a Coco before Chanel mood

The originally 3-days off, turned out to be 5 days-off at the end! Not that I didn't go to work, but I was in a mood-and a need- for recharging batteries, searching for interesting things online (...but not blogging about them), taking long walks (and long freddo cappuccino's), sewing a new bag (...but not finishing it as the sewing machine broke...) and finally reading books!

The one that I must be the last one to be reading it, is the "Coco before Chanel" and I'm actually sad that it isn't accompanied by images of what is described in the pages of the book...That's why everytime I start reading it, I instantly open the laptop and start googling the periods of Coco's life mentioned!...Most of the times unsuccessfully but in one of those searches I found this animation that I really liked and that I turned into a collage in a moment of boredom!

collage made by pics found at: KainApophysis@Deviantart and NewYorker


  1. oh no! hope sewing machine it's back to running soon! Haven't read the book either, awaiting your verdict.

  2. I hope you will show us the result of the bag when you machine is "on duty" again,no?

  3. φυσικά περιμένουμε την νέα τσάντα!!! όσο αφορά το βιβλίο όπως το περιγράφεις πρέπει να σε συνεπαίρνει! άσχετο: έμαθα ότι ήδη γίνεται χαμός για το SEX & ΤΗΕ CITY... υπομονή. Πάλι με βλέπω να σέρνω τον καλό μου γιατί που να με περιμένουν οι φίλες μου να τελείωσω το διάβασμα! ΓΚΡΡΡΡΡ....

  4. Beautiful icons...i love your ideas sweetheart!!

  5. Love this illustration! Too bad about the sewing machine, I'd love to see pictures of the bag when it's done!

  6. @all the machine is back on action!!! I'll post an image of the bag as soon as I finish it!!!

    @Dimitri Zafiriou your comment is really appreciated! =)))



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