Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I want news on my t-shirt!

Today, it was one of those days that I had this post on my mind ALL the time-that's how excited I got!

I recently discovered
t-post and I'm that excited with this project simply because it combines two things that I really love! Fashion and...reading! And that's what this is all about! You subscribe to the site and every 6 weeks you get some of the most interesting-and unconventional- news by post! Only that this time, the news are not stamped on paper but on...a T-SHIRT! .. A tee that is designed by some of the coolest visual artists meaning that you get the news in the best way possible! You...wear them! All the images you see here are from past issues with subjects like "Higher education", "The next explorer" or "The cosmos and our inner child"

Blogger L'armadio del delitto was the first blogger that I saw wearing the t-shirt but I'm sure many more will follow!!!


  1. How cool is that!!! Hip and unique ;)

  2. MWERE bravo fadasia!
    ola maresan!

  3. KALAAAA Eyxaristw polu gia to post!!! Latrepsa thn idea!!!!!! Murizomai subscription!!!!


  4. δεν είναι απίστευτη ιδέα??? so happy you liked it!!!

  5. cool site!




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