Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Female Desires at TAF

Yesterday night at TAF was the opening of the new installation-performance under the name "Female Desires"!

The Whitebox team and in particular the designers Anna Economou, Gaffer & Fluff, Jessica Josafat, Kika-Agathi, Marika Poulopoulou, Olga Mergou, Smaro Botsa, Stella Galanti and Fotini Kostouli, took the ground flours of TAF!

"Female Desires" explore the variety of expression of different types of women, through fashion design and the Whitebox designers showed in their own personal way (and their own personal TAF room) their female prototype! Retro, Sweet, Modern...and Funny...each designer had created a different and interesting prototype!

At the same time a performance took place and in the words of the TAF site presentation "the female prototypes shown within the rooms act and move in a way as to justify their uniqueness within the public space of taf." I've been told that the second performance will be possibly presented on Monday, but for more info contact directly Whitebox at 2103232343!


  1. polu idiaitero fainetai!zileuw~

  2. hope i won't miss u next time♥

  3. para polu wraio kai 3exwristo to 8ema!
    pragmatika zhleuw!
    8a h8ela na se proskalesw na episkeu8eis kai to diko mou! elpizw na sou aresei!
    see you there!

  4. thanks for a lovely post and amazing photos Haritini!

  5. Super!
    Thanks for sharing! I have no idea...



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