Monday, 10 May 2010


Everyone is complaining here in Athens about the one simple color that is missing from the city's color pallet....the green! Personally I believe that complaining is no longer the solution and that we need to get that garderer out of our system!
Plant flowers, give as a gift pots of flowers and let's all make our rooftops seem a little greener!

Of course you can always make that environmental statement in a less formal-more funny way! And that's why Sugar Line Productions are here for! The fake "grass bag" will be the bubble for your green thoughts!

photo taken by me, if used please credit


  1. ax eida tis photo apo to magazaki se myspace!

    zuleuw einai teleies!!!

  2. ok THAT pot really got me
    as u see i keep posting comments so keep bloggin' girl!

  3. I'd love to see a snail on that bag! Congrats girl, that pic is amazingly good!

  4. (panemorfo ligero ne...eprepe na to po...)

    bravo fotografe!

  5. @nina_malvada xaxaaa!! credits go to Athena for the lovely hand!



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