Thursday, 17 June 2010

Down Town Cooler!

Right when I found myself complaining about the heat, the fact that I haven't gone to the sea yet and that if I was a child my vacations would have already started...a really COOL bag full of summer goodies arrived!

Flip flops, bathing suit, tanning oil and other summer inspired accessories and make up goodies were enough to make me smile, forget about the possibility of a sunstroke and goof around wearing my new hat! The West Coast Cooler drinks are already inside the fridge ready for me to drink them tonight!

Let the Summer begin!

p.s. I know I'm a bit late for saying that...but I actually felt it's summer just a week ago!


  1. Nice photo (the first one):)

  2. Nice hat! Loved the vivid color!

  3. thank you girls!!! the hat looked really retro!!

    I'm ready for the beach now!!!

  4. that first photo is so cute!! :)

  5. ta spaei h 1h pic!full of happiness ^^

  6. suggnwmh re koritsia ola auta dwro ??
    thelw ki egw zhleuwwwwwwwwww

  7. the hat reminds me a scene from sex and the city the first movie where samantha was stearing at a very handsome man!it was beige.yours is better!!



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