Monday, 14 June 2010

H&M Fall 2010 preview!

Wool, leather, knits, cardigans, scarves, boots are actually...Winter terms! When clothes that consist of these previously mentioned, terms appear in front of your eyes- while your are wearing nothing else but a mini dress and sandals because it's like 38 degrees outside- you can't actually appreciate the clothes viewed!

That's exactly what happened a few hours ago! I was invited at the H&M showroom for the Fall/Winter 2010 clothes preview but I just couldn't even stare at those woolen trousers!!! Instead I preferred to chat with H&M's Maro Zannia and Fashion Echoes' Marili about Summer, Jack Johnson and...Costa Rica* !

Now, after a refreshing bath and an ice-cream I can actually imagine myself in some of these Winter beauties!

No pics were allowed, but Pascal from Zurich has all the inside pics I know you're craving for!


  1. Don't understand why you were not allowed to take pictures!

  2. @Katerina...well donno either! I mentioned it to Maro and she told me she will do her best for next time's preview!



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