Sunday, 13 June 2010

Ice cream and French songs...

...That's how my Sunday, passes by, as I'm not one of those Athenians that headed to the beach today!

Instead I preferred to stay at home, listen to French music (blame Vanessa Paradis and L' Arnacoeur movie I saw yesterday night), take a midday nap, eat cherries and ice-cream and... find the time to make this quick post in order to show you my most recent buys...oh yes, l couldn't resist to this little "twitter bird" from Sfera and the simplest but cutest little floral skirt from Zara!

Simple things that make me love summer Sundays even more!


  1. xairomai pou eliwsan kai alloi stin poli tus simera kai oxi se paralies!!!!!!!
    love the necklace!

  2. sounds like a very cute and romantic sunday in the city !!!!!!!!

  3. @Lorelai εγώ μια χαρά πέρασα πάντως καιχωρίς θάλασσα χ8ες! =Ρ

    @Christiana the movie was reaaaally good! Didn't really expect it, but almost everyone in the cinema laughed in certain parts!..And Vanessa Paradis is soooo beautiful!



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