Thursday, 10 June 2010

Shoot my Design

Oh God, how happy can a girl suddenly be just with the view of a name! So..some days ago and while doing my usual stroll from blog to blog to blog, I found a name that actually sounded familiar...Athena Procopiou it was and it rang a bell!! It suddenly all sounded Greek to me!!!

And in fact..Athena is a Greek-born that after doing illustration and graphic design at Central Saint Martins has decided to create her first scarf collection for AW 2010/11!
As mentioned at her official site, "she wanted to illustrate that something so "hard" could also be beautiful with the use of strong and graphic elements"! me crazy but during Winter I miss the careless sunny dresses and during Summer I miss..scarves like these!


  1. bravo! einai polu edupwsiaka!

  2. XAXAXA kai egw etsi eimai!!! Pantws manthlakia foraw olo to xrono kai auta einai super!! tha thn psaxw!!!

  3. you are not the only one...i was thinking of a pair of very vintage thigh high boots i got from e-bay a couple of weeks ago...
    those scarves are great..i love the pattern! i get so happy when Greeks get worldwide fashion*wise!


  4. Those are incredibly pretty!

  5. amazing scarfs!!



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