Monday, 26 October 2009

DElightful backstage!

DElight photographed after the successful ending of their show...
...and together with the backstage dream-team!!
My feet are seriously killing me but it is one of those times that it was worth it 100%! Fashion Week just ended and if you read these ladies posts (see here, here and here) you must know by now that me, Queen B and Lopi were backstage assisting at the shows! We started with the simple and everyday clothes of Julia Bergovich, followed by Katerina Alexandraki and today's finale was made by the futuristically-delightful DElight!!!
Daphne Iliaki and Evi Retziou created their first Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 collection after graduating from Marketing and Accounding schools,respectivaly! Back then, i was impressed by the shapes they created and also by how young and talented they were!
A year later, DElight spring/summer 2010 collection was inspired by the kaleidoscopic effect and their color pallet was consisted mainly by pinks, light blues and greys! Also all clothes had the patterned kaleidoscopic image that was printed at their invitations,too.

Personally speaking, the girls backstage were extra-ulta-mega organized and highly positive and relaxed! These facts conducted in me declaring that DElight are going to become one of the most succesful greek design-duo...FOR SURE!

more backstage images coming soon!


  1. congrats both for you graduation and your fashion week involvement!judging by the smile on your face,seems you had a great time!

  2. looks like a great collection, and i'm pretty sure it was a great show as well.
    so congrats to Delight + to you girls!

  3. @lucia you're right about the smile!! it was one of the greatest shows i ever backstaged!!

    @stella: thanks girl!

  4. the girls started designing and creating clothes after graduating a greek fashion school,a year's a pity that they never refer to that fact..

  5. @anonymous: thanks for mentioning that fact! i didn't mention it although i knew it, because i'm always inspired by designers that follow their dreams despite having studied sth completely different!

  6. really nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mou aresoun ta papa kai ta dika sou kai ths queen !



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